5 Relatable Moments From Ek Jhooti Love Story That Will Remind You Of Your Family

Ek Jhooti Love Story is a story of two middle-class families in Pakistan. Here are some of the relatable moments from the show.

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Ek Jhooti Love Story is a ZEE5 original series that revolves around the lives of Sohail and Salma played by Bilal Abbas Khan and Madiha Imam. The series mainly focuses on their middle-class families and their dreams and aspirations. The show is extremely relatable because of the real-life problems that they have showcased in a family. Here are 5 most relatable points in the show that will make you feel like you were a part of Ek Jhooti Love Story.

  1. Salma receiving old clothes and gadgets from family members

Salma portrayed by Madiha Imam was the youngest in the family of 7 members. She had two elders sisters who often gave away their old clothes for her to wear and her elder brother Sallaudin gave away his old computer. She loved it as she felt loved. However, after a point of time, she realised that she had never bought herself anything new. Being the youngest member, she only used old things given by her family.

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2. Taking permission for late-night outings and sleepovers

Salma had to often take permission from her parents for staying out of the house late at night. She had to check her mother’s mood before she asked her. She would rarely get permission for staying at her friend’s house for sleepovers. Her brother Sallaudin often picked her up if she came late or made sure someone brought her home safely.

Image source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love story

3. Parents searching for an ideal partner

Shazia and Shabana were in their mid-twenties and their mother was often worried about their wedding. The only conversation that took place in the house was about their wedding proposals. Their mother wanted them to get married in a rich house where their husband would be well educated. She constantly asked people where they found their ideal partners so she could set her daughters up too.

4. Financial crisis

Sohail had to often look into his finances as he was the only earning member in his family. His younger sister Sobia was fond of baking and she often needed money to bring her ingredients. He also had to look into the expenses and often got worried as to how his small business of computers and electrical would help him earn more money.

5. Mothers criticising their children

Salma and Sohail‘s mothers often criticised their children like any other Indian mother. Beo Zafar who played Salma’s mother often taunted her daughter Shazia, Salma and Shabana for not knowing how to cook well. She also did not like Sallaudin’s colleague Naushin and asked him to stay away from her. Similarly, Sohail’s mother criticised him and his sister Sobia for always worrying about what society would think about them.

Image source: Still from Ek Jhooti Love story

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