5 Recipes From Aamhi Saare Khavvaye To Try Out To Bring In The Monsoon Season

Ankita Tiwari

July 12, 2020


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1. Corn bhaji and pav

The Monsoon season provides much-needed relief to Mumbaikars from the scorching summer. Have you noticed that with the advent of rains, our appetites increase immensely? We crave some spicy and fried food, don’t we? This is completely normal and to help you out, we have a list of deep-fried and scrumptious food that you can relish on this monsoon season!

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First of all, let’s not forget that we Maharashtrians gave birth to a delicious dish like vada pav and should be super proud of ourselves! No matter how hard they try to imitate this dish in the north or down south, no one can make a vada pav like the ones we make at Maharashtra.  This recipe is the cousin of vada pav. Corn bhajjis are super easy to make and require only corn seeds, all-purpose flour, salt, and oil. Watch the recipe to learn how to make this tasty snack!

2. Chicken rolls

Chicken rolls are delicious and can take you to food heaven, but they also need a bit of hard work. You must collect the basic ingredients including tomatoes, onions, and chicken. But the tricky part is the marination of the chicken. You must be careful about the spices as this is where the taste lies. The dough and the base are easier to prepare in comparison. You can decide for yourself when you cook these.

3. Kolambi latpata

If you haven’t had the pleasure of relishing a fish in the rainy season, that’s about to change. This Kolambi Latpata is a savoury recipe you won’t be able to resist. Kolambi is an easily available fish and easy to cook as well. For this particular recipe, you must concentrate on the gravy and get the consistency right.

4. Matarache samose

It’s always a pleasure seeing celebs cooking, right? In this episode, Nilesh Sable and his wife Gauri teach us how to cook the variant of samosas with matar (peas). Full of spices, boiled and mashed veggies, and deep-fried, this yummy recipe will satiate your cravings like no other!

5. Nagpuri vada bhat

If you are really craving for spicy traditional food but want an easy-to-make dish, try this vada bhat recipe. The vada is a mix of pulses like moong, matki, and chana. Try it out!

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