5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Miss The Premiere Of Amrutharamam On ZEE5 This April 29

Sneha Bale

April 27, 2020


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A gripping love story

Amruthamramam is a 2020 Telugu film which was slated to release on March 27. However, due to the widespread coronavirus pandemic, the film will see a digital release on ZEE5. It is directed by Surendar Kontaddi who is a debutant filmmaker along with his actors, Ram Mittakanti and Amitha Ranganath. The film is a love story set in Melbourne, Australia.

Watch the trailer here:

Relatable characters

Set in present day, the film has two highly relatable characters. On one hand, we have Amrutha – an ambitious girl wanting to find her feet in a foreign land. She knows what she wants and works towards achieving it. On the other hand, we have Ram – a young rebel who does not appreciate unsolicited advice. It is best to leave him alone, on his own. What happens when they fall in love?

What's a relationship without mistakes

Most modern-day relationships face trouble due to the ease of access to anything and everything. Such is the life of Amrutha and Ram, too. They confess their feelings and move in together sooner than later. After enjoying the flowery phase, things start to change and problems become a routine. Yet, time and time again, they find a way to come back to each other.

The value of love

Through the story of Ram and Amrutha, we see the true value of love. Their words, actions, emotions and relationship as a whole give us a good window to witness what love in the times of the digital era is. There are ups and downs in every relationship, but what counts is how badly we want to keep it close.

Unexpected climax

Towards the end of the film, things start to get more and more intense. As Ram and Amrutha try to find their true ground, we hold ourselves close to screen waiting to witness their romance. But what we get in the end will leave you numb,

Stay tuned to watch the film on April 29, 2020, only on ZEE5.

In the meantime, watch Jersey starring Nani and Shraddha Srinath.

You can also get all the live updates on Coronavirus on ZEE5 News Section.

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