5 Reasons You Need To Watch Mahesh Babu And Rakul Preet Starrer Spyder

Sneha Bale

June 11, 2019


1 min

1. Mahesh Babu and the many layers to his character

The 2016 action-drama, Spyder, was easily one of the most interesting and motivating Telugu films of the year. The best part is, although touted to be an action drama, this Telugu movie packs in more things, such as subtle humour, family drama, scientific approach to societal problems and more, efficiently.

In Spyder, Mahesh Babu surely carries his chocolate-boy avatar amazingly well. But that is not all. He becomes a leader to the modern society and brings in an interesting approach to tackles issues. From coding new programs to helping people to bringing together women to solve a case, the film introduces us to a new avatar of the star.

2. Rakulpreet or comic relief

It’s true that Rakul is the leading lady in Spyder. But she isn’t a damsel in distress looking out of the window for a knight in shining armor. She is just another girl that we all know. She is the hero of her own world and goofy to all extends. Her character will bring a smile on your face every time she comes on screen.

3. The storyline

With a wordplay in it, the title is surely an interesting one. That’s how we know walking into this film will be an exciting journey. Spyder is about a man who wants to help the common people live a safer life. Sometimes this wish becomes life-threatening to him. But nothing can stop him now. How he uses technology to solve a case in two hours is what will keep you hooked to the screen.

4. The Sadist

We all have used the term ‘sadist’ to address someone or to tease someone, at least once. Spyder sets the record straight for us. The mere word holds a lot of importance and is a phenomenon present in all human beings. The villain here is a true-blue sadist. After watching Spyder, you will see the real face of evil and it will shake you entirely.

5. Women Empowerment

All women, irrespective of their choices, are crucial to the development of a society. Spyder reinforces this fact by handing over his final and most important task in the hands of these women. Watch how they solve a crime and get hold of the biggest criminal in less than 20 minutes. If this isn’t women empowerment, then what is!

Watch the wonderful film or other Mahesh Babu films, such as Brahmotsavam on ZEE5.

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