5 Reasons Why You Must Watch Phulpakhru Starring Hruta Durgule And Yashoman Apte Again

Here some solid reasons why you should watch Marathi romantic drama Phulpakhru! Check out the details inside.

Neel Raju Nalawade

September 25, 2020


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Phulpakhru is a Marathi youth romantic show starring Hruta Durgule and Yashoman Apte in lead roles. The story revolves around Vaidehi (Hruta Durgule), who is the daughter of a rich and renowned industrialist, Raosaheb. Since her childhood, Vaidehi was raised to be an independent and strong girl. She was left free to chase her dreams, choose her friends and take a career path of her choice. While on her journey to pursue her goals, Vaidehi falls in love with Manas. The lovely couple goes through several hardships but eventually gets married and lives happily ever after. Vaidehi and Manas’s crackling chemistry wooed the audience and in no time, the show was discussed at every nook and corner of the state.

Watch the episode of Phulpakhru here.

Here’s why you should watch the show again!

1. Fresh concept backed by a great storyline

a still from Phulpakhru
Source: ZEE5

We have come across several daily soaps showing typical content like family fights, conspiracies, plotting, so on and so forth. However, Phulpakhru has a completely fresh concept and is backed by a great storyline. It strikes a perfect balance between romance, drama and the topic of women empowerment. The show will definitely take you on a roller coaster ride packed with emotions as well as some encouraging scenes.

2. Vaidehi and Manas’s beautiful chemistry

a still from Phulpakhru
Source: ZEE5

Light eyed diva Vaidehi and dashing youngster Manas’s chemistry is as perfect as it can get. Though their love-story had to go through many problems, the young couple always fought their way through and proved the power of their love. What’s more interesting is seeing the couple spending some romantic moments with each other. You will surely love their small fights, lovely surprises, and the bond that they share. These two will definitely give you some relationship goals!

3. Vaidehi’s way of living life

a still from Phulpakhru
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It has never been easy for women in India to make their mark in society. They have always had to face discrimination and other social barriers. This show will surely boost all young girls’ and women’s confidence. Seeing Vaidehi chasing her dreams and following her heart with the help of her family’s support will prove to be an eye-opener for many of you. After watching this show, we are sure all men will encourage their daughters and wives to follow their heart and achieve their goals, no matter what!

4. Shows the true meaning of friendship

a still from Phulpakhru
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In Phulpakhru, Sameer and Manas who shared an amazing bond of friendship, eventually drift apart after Manas ties the knot with Vaidehi and is blessed with a daughter named Mahi. However, Sameer accepts Manas and his priorities and lets him cherish some sweet moments with his family. True friendship stays strong if two individuals understand each other’s worlds and are accepting of the same. Sameer and Manas’s strong bond is proof of it!

5. Happy ending

a still from Phulpakhru
Source: ZEE5

Everyone loves happy endings right? Phulpakhru shows the struggles that a young couple has to go through to prove their love. However, Vaidehi and Manas stand by each other through thick and thin and turn their affair into a sweet marriage. Their story will motivate and give a ray of hope to all the couples who are facing problems in their relationship.

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