5 Reasons Why You Must Catch Duniya Soori’s Kenda Sampige

If you’re looking for a movie to watch, then this gripping story of two lovers in the midst of crime and drama is just what you need!


June 16, 2020


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The story of Duniya Soori’s Kenda Sampige revolves around a boy Ravi who has an affair with Gowri, the daughter of the owner of the company that he works in. Things take a turn when a set of events come his way and he ends up being jailed over a narcotic case. However, with the help of Gowri, he is able to fight the case and come out of prison.

Here are a few aspects of the film that make it a must-watch!


The film revolves around the relationship between the police and the rich, while also showing how corruption in the system exists amidst different strata of society within a city. While the concept of corruption has been dealt with in many movies, what makes this film especially interesting is its narrative style and the endless hurdles that come in the way of the characters.


In terms of direction, Duniya Soori has proved that he is one of the most efficient directors as he yet again resists commercial temptation and brings together an intense love story in the midst of crime and other things dark.


Needless to say, Vikky Varun and Manvitha Harish have both done a fabulous job as Ravi and Gowri. Ravi’s plight when he gets into trouble with the Narcotics and his state of mind has been depicted effortlessly. It manages to keep the viewers on the edge at all times while Manvitha’s soft and gentle character is a breath of fresh air in this dark film.

5 Reasons Why You Must Catch Duniya Soori’s Kenda Sampige (1)
A still of Ravi and Gowri


While V. Harikrishna has composed the film score, the lyrics have been penned by Yogaraj Bhat. Nenape Nithya Mallige and Ilijaaru Haadi Idu are some of the tracks that have been able to set the mood of the film.

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