5 Reasons Why We Feel Pappi Ji Of Tanu Weds Manu Returns Deserves A Spin-off

Actor Deepak Dobriyal, who played Pappi in Tanu Weds Manu film franchise, scored a sixer hitting it out of the park with his acting and comic timing.

Aayushi Sharma

February 19, 2019


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Cinema in India revolves around three major elements – an A-list actor, his larger-than-life heroic act and a happy ending for everyone. But what happens to the sidekick? Don’t you think that a second fiddle is a reason the lead man is able to woo a girl, fight the baddies and end up living the tale? But does he even get an ending? At least Pappi from Tanu Weds Manu Returns didn’t.

Actor Deepak Dobriyal, who played Pappi in Tanu Weds Manu franchise, scored a sixer hitting it out of the park with his chops. He has conveniently stolen the thunder even with lead star R. Madhavan and Jimmy Sheirgill in the frame. But his life revolved around that of Manu Bhaiyya, and the Noida ki dukaan of course. But what I deeply wish is to see if how Pappi Bhaisaab met the Sharma family and escalated to becoming their second son. My answers and your dose of endless laughter can be guaranteed only with a spin-off. But for those who need more convincing, here are 5 reasons why we hope the makers consider giving Pappi his shining moment with a standalone film:

1. Pappi Ji has a spot-on comic timing!

deepak dobriyal as pappi from tanu weds manu returns (1)
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His idea of happiness is binge-eating garama garam samosas with a sumptuous spread of tomato ketchup over it – kaafi dilchasp! Moreover, he thinks Delhi’s pollution has worsened because of the increasing number of lovers and doesn’t waste a 60,000 INR London ticket just to get his brother out of a mental asylum. Pappi Bhaisaab is hands down one of the most interesting characters to ever feature on the 70mm.

2. Pappi is a sidekick like no other, even Manu Sharma would agree.

pappi from tanu weds manu returns film
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Right or wrong, Pappi stands by Manu through thick and through thin. Even when he falls in love with the bade daat wali Bhabhi aka Datto or decides to marry Raja Awasthi’s girl once again. No matter what he is never bitter – even when Komal rejects him. You’ve got to love his confidence though – LOLs translate into Love for this Delhi boy!

3. Pappi’s idea of love is, well, extra emojis on WhatsApp jokes!

pappi from tanu weds manu returns movie
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In Tanu Weds Manu Returns we only get to see how Pappi is hell bent on marrying Komal, Manu’s BFF Jassi’s cousin. He presumes from her replies to his jokes that she loves him back. But how did this meeting happen? It would be interesting to have an insight into the not-so-romantic tale of Pappi and Komal.

4. How did Pappi meet the Sharma family?

pappi and jassi from tanu weds manu returns
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Pappi is like Manu’s younger sibling. But he is not shown to have a family of his own. So, was he an orphan? Or did he abandon his parents for the Sharmas – he is undeniably quite capable of doing so FYI. How Pappi came into the lives of Manu and his parents is a laughter riot we’d all love to be a part of!

5. The secret to Pappi’s hilarious and bang on one-liners…

kangana ranaut's mari gali song still
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I mean, is it even possible? For someone to possess this impeccably high and unparalleled sense of humour? Like every word out of his mouth can leave you in splits. What are your thoughts about Pappiji, and do you think he deserve a separate movie? Comment in the box below and let us know.

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