5 Reasons Why We Don’t Want A Boss Like Shravani From Attarintlo Akka Chellellu

Sneha Bale

June 7, 2019


1 min

1. Never smiles

It is safe to say that the Telugu TV show Attarintlo Akka Chellellu has got us all hooked. The characters, too, are interesting and fascinating. While we all lost our hearts to the good girl Dharani, Shravani (both characters played by Chaithra Rai) occupies a different place in our minds. The lawyer, the boss, ‘Shravani’ isn’t someone you can easily forget. We know she’s evil but imagine having a boss like her… No! You do not!

Imagine having a boss who never smiles. In fact, every glare is scary. Sure she is pretty, but we are not sure how one could stay with someone who doesn’t smile. Hats off to Vikram, the millionaire who is disguised as an employee under her.

2. Scares everyone

Vikram truly loves Shravani and that’s a rarity we do not understand. But we’re sure he has reasons. Yet he shivers to stand in front of her. That’s how scary Shravani can be. She calls everyone amma, but never seems to be nurturing or caring like one.

3. Thinks up evil plans

Shravani considers her twin sister Dharani to be her arch enemy. Her mind is constantly wandering off to plans that would destroy her or insult her. If she cannot leave her twin alone, what good are her employees! From stealing Dharani’s toys to making sure she doesn’t reach any heights in her life, Shravani is always plotting an evil plan.

4. Always in stress

The evil Shravani is always in stress. She could generally be thinking about dealing with clients, bringing in new clients or even about thinking of ways to torture her sister. All of these cause a lot of stress to Shravani. And guess how does it all come out? That’s right. It all comes out by yelling on her employees. Scary, right?

5. Tries to get out of bad situations

For someone who is constantly so caught in her world, Shravani gets into trouble very often. And guess who comes to her rescue? Yes, it’s Dharani. But imagine having a boss who gets into trouble and you might have to deal with its consequences? Well, we’re happy not thinking of it at all.

This isn’t the kind of horror we enjoy. But you will surely enjoy Amaravathi on ZEE5

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