5 Reasons Why Roaring Star Sriimurali Was Perfect For The Role Of  Ganaa In Mufti 

He is an undercover cop, who is supposed to expose an underworld leader. This prominent Kannada actor will leave you speechless with his performance!

Parinika Uchil

May 2, 2019


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When it comes to playing the role of a handsome and rugged cop, there is no one better than Sriimurali to justify the character. Not only did he receive immense praise for his previous work, but Mufti also added to his wall of accolades, thanks to his ingenious talent. The story is about Ganaa (played by Sriimurali) and Bhairathi (played by Shiva Rajkumar), who cross paths with each other when the former is sent on an undercover mission into the latter’s underground world.

Sriimurali as Ganaa in Mufti is more relatable than you think, watch the movie here:

This Mufti actor proves on many occasions in the film, that there couldn’t be a better Ganaa than him. Take a look at the best reasons why no one else could have done a better job.

1. His killer stare

Sriimurali In A Still From The Film
Sriimurali In A Still From The Film

In the role of Ganaa, there were many instances when Sriimurali needed to give his opponents a stare so powerful that it would scare the wits out of them. And he so brilliantly did! His stares will haunt me for a while for sure.

2. Perfect role as an undercover cop

Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti
Sriimurali In A Still From Mufti

If I was in Bhairathi’s place, I would have never guessed that Ganaa was actually an undercover cop trying to steal information from me, too cool for a cop you think?

3. Can also boast the look of a ‘rowdy’

Sriimurali As An Undercover Cop In A Still From Mufti
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In fact, he would have done so much better as a gangster himself. Your thoughts?

4. Less talk more action

Sriimurali In An Action Scene In Mufti
Sriimurali In An Action Scene In Mufti

Throughout the movie, Ganaa didn’t speak much because his actions did all the talking. He channeled all his calm and composed energy into beating the bonkers out of the miscreants. Fantastic job there!

5. Action-Thriller films are his calling

Sriimurali From A Still In Mufti
Sriimurali From A Still In Mufti

Sriimurali justifies any role where he has to be part of any kind of action or thriller. The role of Ganaa is tailor-made for his personality and talent. Of course, they make him look ‘sakkat maga’.

We can only hope that Namma Roaring Star is back soon with many more power-packed movies and roles such as Ganaa.

What did you like most about him? Is Sriimurali your favourite too? Send us your thoughts and comments in the box below with #SriimuraliMufti #ILoveSriimurali

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