5 Reasons Why Prem Poison Panga Will Make An Interesting Watch!

Prem Poison Panga is Jui and Aalap’s love story but with a dangerous twist that you didn’t see coming.

Manjiri Shete

October 28, 2019


4 min


Taking on a mythological concept, Prem Poison Panga shows a young woman (who is a part snake) fall in love with an ambitious man. Now, as they begin their journey together, it lies in her hand how to ease him into her secret. Are you excited already? Here are all the more reasons to keep Prem Poison Panga (which begins on 28th October) on the top of your priority list. Have a look!

Watch an episode of Prem Poison Panga below:

1. Humourous

As Aalap and Jui are set to marry each other, Jui has no choice but to hide her truth from an innocent Aalap. In a bid to do that, Jui goes to hilarious lengths to keep her secret low-key. For example, when Aalap and Jui go out on a date, he has a sip of her juice even after she tries to stop him. Quickly, Aalap falls unconscious and Jui jumps to his rescue.

2. Relatable characters

There is nothing better than being able to relate to the onscreen characters. Aalap and Jui’s characters are the typical youngsters who love their virtual life more than reality. Just like most of us who is obsessed with social media, even Jui loves clicking selfies and uploading them on her social media feed. Being a social butterfly, she enjoys going out with friends and is the life of the party. Meanwhile, Aalap is a career-oriented family man!

3. Fresh concept

The evergreen movies have shown us the dangers of letting a snake get close to you. Quite often, we have seen ominous music playing in the background as the snake slithers towards our favourite character who is caught unaware of the lingering danger. This innocent animal, whose reputation is tarnished for no good, will be seen in a positive light in Prem Poison Panga. We can’t wait to watch Jui portray the role of  ‘Iccha Dhari Naagin’. 

4. Interesting romance

Jui and Aalap are full of contradictions. As we mentioned earlier, Jui has an outgoing persona, while Aalap is a reserved man. Even after being poles apart, sparks fly in between them. But, before you categorise this serial into ‘a typical rom-com’, you need to know it is far from it. Jui lives a dual life of a normal girl and a snake. We wonder if Aalap will be able to accept Jui after knowing her truth.

5. Family watch 

Both, Jui and Aalap, come from normal middle-class families. Jui is her father’s princess and Aalap is the light of his parents’ life. You can understand what this feels like when you watch the hilarious love story with your family. More importantly, when your father comes home after a hard day at work, this Marathi serial will become his stress-buster, too.

So, after reading this, are you excited to watch Jui and Aalap’s love story in Prem Poison Panga? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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