5 Reasons Why Ninne Pelladatha’s Gaurav Is The Comic Relief We Need

Sneha Bale

January 21, 2020


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Unknowingly Helpful

The circumstances under which we were introduced to Gaurav in Ninne Pelladatha were highly dysfunctional. Initially, we were all curious and confused about this new man, who changed the course of a long-running plot. Slowly and steadily we eased into the idea of having Gaurav, played by actor Yashwanth, around our favourite characters. And eventually, we realised that he is the comic relief that we desperately needed in the show.

It seems like Gaurav is always going with the flow without acknowledging anything. Yet it is him, who somehow manages to tackle the most difficult problems.

Comic timing

We’re not sure if it is the actor’s charm or the character’s development that makes us giggle. We’d like to believe that it is the perfect combination of the two.

Hilarious punches

If we had to recount the punches that set the laughter ball rolling, in our houses and the Kamineni’s, we surely will lose count. In fact, sometimes, Gaurav ends up making some hilarious statements without intending to be funny.

Walks into trouble

One thing that truly qualifies Gaurav to be a comic relief is his ability to walk into trouble like it is a cakewalk. So far, the situations have been few, but as we know it, this is only the warm-up.

Dictates the mood

Gaurav is the youngest member of the house and he is thoroughly pampered. He knows the impact that he has on people and tries his best to turn the tables around, whenever he sees his family sad or in distress.

Get a good laugh as you watch him in the latest episodes or read more about the show. You can also check out the hilarious show, Mrs Subbalaxmi on ZEE5.

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