5 Reasons Why Mrudula’s ‘Amma’ Is The Cheerleader We All Need

Sneha Bale

August 19, 2019


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1. Keeper of secrets

In the Telugu TV show Ninne Pelladatha, Madhubala plays the lead character Mrudula. In the Telugu serial, she has to constantly fight for acceptance and validation from her family and the society at large. Each new day brings in a new challenge. Sometimes, her husband in the show Madhu, played by Abhi Prathap, may let her fight her battles alone. But the one person who stands by her always is the lady, played by Sheela Singh, who Mrudula calls ‘amma‘, although she is not her biological mother in the show.

She is the one who allows Mrudula and her biological mother in the show to stay in her house and work as a house help. But over time, they all mingle together like one big happy family. And just like any other mother, she too keeps all of Mrudula’s secrets safe with her.

2. Always praying for the best

Just like every mother wants her child to be happy, Mrudula’s amma is also constantly praying, fasting and following everything that Guruji says to make sure that Mrudula is safe and happy.

3. Finding joy in the smallest of things

We often see Mrudula facing a hard time with all the drama that surrounds her. It is her amma who tries to find joy in the little things in life and encourages Mrudula to stay positive and happy.

4. Mrudula's biggest critic

Irrespective of the situation, Singh’s amma always supports Mrudula in front of others because she trusts that her daughter wouldn’t do something without a reason. And it is this trust that makes their relationship stronger than any blood relation.

5. Mrudula's biggest advocate

For you, it might be your best friend who tells you about the best and worst things in your life to make sure you take the right decision. But for Mrudula, it is her amma. From yelling at her for her mistakes to calmly explaining them, she tries to keep Mrudula away from trouble.

You do not want to miss this kind of a mother and daughter relationship in Ninne Pelladatha. Watch the show before TV on ZEE5.

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