5 Reasons Father-Son Relationship As Shown In Jersey Is The Most Beautiful Of All

Sneha Bale

June 23, 2019


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1. Like father, like son

Among relationships, the one that is never talked about is the father-son relationship. Something as important as others and something more special than most others — that’s a father-son relationship. Nani’s latest film Jersey portrays it beautifully.

Most men see their childhood when they look at their sons. And most young boys look at their ‘ideal hero’ when they look at their fathers. Nothing can trump these feelings.

2. Partners-in-crime

From sneaking out of the house or grabbing an ice-cream on the go, you can imagine everything in between. Mothers are known to do what’s good for health, but fathers… They just know what their child wants and take the extra effort of hiding it from mothers too.

3. Finding peace in each other

This scene in Jersey is extremely touching. Nothing in their lives is going well. But one night when the old buddies meet and chill, Nani’s son falls asleep peacefully on the lap of his mentor. It’s almost like three generations finding peace in each other. That’s the power of a father-son bond.

4. Best friends forever

This is the story of most households. Every time you find it difficult to get access or permission from mothers, there is only one person who can come to our rescue. That’s our father. Call it a boy-thing or the force of nature, but fathers and sons have a chemistry that is unshakable. Why, you ask? Maybe we won’t know.

5. Silent cheerleaders

In the film, it took one word from his son, for Nani to risk his life. That’s the case in reality too. All his son could do was wait to cheer for him to perform his best. All fathers ever want is to see their child grow up and live a life better than they could ever live. And sons want their fathers to continue being ‘only’ their heroes.

In some ways, Jersey is an ode to the unspoken father-son relationship. But you can celebrate your bond by just sitting with them and tuning in ZEE5 to watch the film.

You can also watch Nani’s Ala Modalaindi on ZEE5, available for free.

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