5 Qualities That Make Jende The Perfect Comrade To Arya Vardhan in Prema Entha Madhuram

Sneha Bale

April 9, 2020


1 min

Always vigilant of Arya's surroundings

Most people are going gaga over Anu and Arya in the latest Zee Telugu show, Prema Entha Madhuram. We looked beyond what meets the eye and found this! There is someone other than Anu who is made for Arya, in a new way. Jende. First, we thought Jende was a bodyguard who could wear colourful clothes. And that his job keeps him vigilant about Arya’s schedule and whereabouts. Almost a month later, we conclude that Jende comes closest to being Arya’s comrade, if not a friend.

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Little effort in lightening up the mood

For the most part of the day, Arya is drowning in work and has a straight face. Anu surely brings a new spark to his face, but Jende, too, can make Arya laugh out loud. Now, that must count for something, shouldn’t it?

Always one step ahead

Many a time, Arya calls Jende to give a certain instruction or ask for a certain task to be done. We cannot get over Jende’s precision in knowing what Arya might want and getting it done before Arya voices it out. Camaraderie? We think so!

One to knock sense into Arya

One of Arya’s biggest stepbacks is the people around him. They all seem to be yes-men, including his most-treasured employee, Mira. Anu broke out of the shell and voiced her opinions sooner than one would expect. But Jende is the only one who could scream and shout at Arya, and set him straight when Arya starts to go off the tracks.

Wants the better than the best

The people around Arya do what they have to do for personal benefits. While Mira wants to be bossy, Anu wants to get closer to her boss. But Jende is the only one who serves his boss, without a personal agenda attached to his actions.

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