5 Powerful Dialogues From Bamfaad That Express Love, Hatred And Concern With Style

Kenneth Carneiro

April 26, 2020


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1. Bahut Bamfaad Launda Hai/ Bamfaad Ladki Hai Yaar

Bamfaad is the debut film of Adita Rawal and made a direct to digital release. This film is set in Allahabad and tells the story of two young people who are madly in love and ready to go against the world for it. Aditya Rawal and Shalini Pandey as Nasir and Neelam are part of some great dialogues. Here’s a list of our favourite lines from the movie.

Watch some of these superb dialogues in the trailer below.

Zahid describes Nasir to his arch enemy Jigar Faridi. ‘Bahut bamfaad launda hai‘ is the first word he used to describe Nasir. Interestingly, Nasir used a similar line to describe his first encounter with Neelam. He sees her and says ‘Bamfaad ladki hai yaar‘.

2. Layaki humari apni Ammi se jaake puchna

Layaki humari apni Ammi se jaake puchna. Nasle tumhari Naseer Jamal ke naam se jaani jaayegi‘. This is the line Nasir tells Jigar after his father is killed and the police is after him. Nasir goes to Jigar’s house after losing almost everything he loved only to get Neelam back. When Jigar tells Nasir that he is not worthy of Neelam, he delivers this amazing line.

3. Humara ghar, humari  ladki, humari bandook, humein pe

This line sums up how badly Jigar Faridi was outnumbered or losing his power throughout the movie. In this scene, Jigar Faridi asks Neelam if she has seen Nasir. Jigar has supported Neelam with money and a home however, he uses her for sex. In his own house he gets cornered at gunpoint there by Nasir and Neelam.

4. Baahar se gosht kha kar zaroor aaya kijiye

This piece of advice from Nasir’s father was a clear message. Nasir’s father doesn’t stop his son from having his fun outside the house, however, he warns him to not bring his problems back home. ‘Baahar se gosht kha kar zaroor aaya kijiye, par haddi gale me atkakar toh mat aaya kijiye’.

5. Yaahan ki aabo hawaa zeher hai

‘Yahaan aabo hawa zeher hai. Hum yahaan azaad nahi reh sakte’. This line sums up Nasir and Neelam’s story in Bamfaad. Nasir tells Neelam that the can never love freely in Allahabad anymore and is a heartbreaking end to the chapter for their love.

Which was your favourite line from the film Bamfaad in the comments below along with your favourite characters.

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