5 Must Watch Romantic ZEE5 Originals Like Mrs. Subbalakshmi For Romantic Souls

If you’re looking for a bunch of unique romantic series, then these ZEE5 Originals is what you need to watch. Take a look!


September 9, 2020


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Confused about what to watch next during the lockdown? If you are a romantic soul and in the mood for something mushy, you can indulge in some romantic ZEE5 originals with your partner. Take a look!

What’s Up Kelasagaarti

What’s Up Kelasagaarti is quirky and fun series, all about Jessi. However, what really brings life to the show is the relationship shared between Nataraj and his wife and how their marriage stands the test of time in the midst of all this chaos. While Nataraj develops feelings for Jessi, he is also confused about his newly-wed wife.

Mrs. Subbalakshmi

Written by acclaimed Balabhadrapatruni Ramani, the show depicts the struggle of the emotion as complex as love between Subbalakshmi and her husband who no longer has feelings for her. When he forgets his wedding anniversary, Subbalakshmi decides to take a solo trip away from her husband. What love can do to people will surprise you for sure.


Nerd revolves around a lonely and studious boy, who is desperate to find love. Life turns around for him when six beautiful girls give him attention and start relationships with him. Hasvanth Vanga, Arjun Ambati, Naveen Abhi, and Nikita Bisht are few of the well-known faces that you will be seeing in this intriguing series!

A post from the film Nerd
A post from the film Nerd

Horn Ok Please

Opposites attract they say! An ambitious nerdy Advik meets a naughty fun girl Gayatri. When circumstances bring the two young, ambitious individuals to come together, a certain rift is created between these pole apart individuals! Life, however, has its own plans when they two develop strange feelings for each other.

Love Bites

Love Bites, starring Anshuman Malhotra, Priyal Gor, and Raima Sen is a story of Vishwas who decides to move to Pune, owing to his new job. However, life has something else planned for him when he comes across seven different girls in seven days each of whom teaches him a lesson. This story is all about love, spice, and everything nice!

Catch all episodes of What’s up Kelasagaarti exclusively on ZEE5!

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