5 Movies That You Must Watch This New Year’s Eve


December 31, 2019


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Ondh Kathe Hella


2019 is coming to an end and hopefully you’ve had a great year this year. However, the feeling of a new year and new beginning only comes when you’ve wrapped up the previous year in style. If you don’t have any plans in your mind and sitting at home is what you want to do, then no worries! We’ve got just the films of 2019 that did exceptionally well this year to end this year with a bang.

Here are 5 top films of 2019 that you can watch to wrap up the year:

Are you a mystery person who loves stories? Because Ondh Kathe Hella is an anthology film mixing different styles of thriller tales, woven together by one thread. If you think this is just another horror movie, then it’s not. What makes this one different from the usual horror stories is that the film begins with a rather ambiguous stock footage-style sequence. Soon, viewers are introduced to a bunch of friends who are headed on a road trip and share scary stories with each other. These tales range from the predictable, bizarre and psychological illnesses which sets the momentum for what’s in store.


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Kurukshetra is an epic war film that is written by J. K. Bharavi and directed by Naganna. As mythological films aren’t made often in the industry, Kurukshetra is a must watch for a larger-than-life experience. Sub-plots are built in the least expected areas and songs help the story to move forward and make it more interesting. The well-rounded film boasts of great performances by renowned actors and commendable camera work  that will take you back in time to those characters.

Premier Padmini


Writer-director Ramesh Indira uses a number of characters to tell this slice-of-life story. This ensures that the emotional graph remains high throughout the film. The smooth cinematography coupled with the music add makes the viewer part of Vinayak’s journey who is a middle-aged man facing his mid-life crisis. The simple dialogues is what creates an effortless connect between the audience and Vinayak.



This ZEE5 Original film revolves around Kaveri (Paayal Radhakrishna) who plays the role of a budding actor. An intriguing juxtaposition of Kaveri’s life with that of the hallucinations she suffers from along with her obsession of method acting, makes this film an interesting watch. Kaveri begins to have an affair with the husband of the woman her husband is having an affair with. Watch this film to see what happens next.

Seetharama Kalyana


Seetharama Kalyana is an action film written and directed by Harsha that gives the audience a slice of life and striking a perfect balance between reality and fantasy. If you’re an intense romantic then this is surely what you can connect to. It has an ensemble cast with Nikhil Kumar as Arya, a righteous man who falls in love with a small-town woman named Geetha played by the gorgeous Rachita Ram. Both are unaware of the obstacles that lie ahead of them. How they overcome the various hurdles forms the crux of the story.

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