5 Moments Where Vilayti Bhabhi Emily Aka Isha Gupta Stole Our Hearts


April 22, 2020


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1. Emily at Gurudwara Sahab

Vilayti Bhabhi, the popular Punjabi TV show, is now one of the best comedy shows we have on Punjabi television, thanks to the funny plot and dedicated performances of the actors. The vilayti bhabhi aka Emily (Isha Gupta) is the soul of the Punjabi serial and she has given enough moments to justify her acting talents and her beauty. Now you consider Isha as a foreigner and not a desi kudi. Let’s discuss her best moments from the show.

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Remember the moment when Emily went to Gurudwara Sahab? Sandy and Emily reach Punjab and they get a huge hearty welcome by the villagers. Emily is happy to see so much excitement around their presence and soon Sandy’s grandmom realises that they are not married as per the Sikh tradition. So, she decides to conduct Anand Karaj of Emily and Sandy. After the Jago ceremony, Emily and other ladies arrive at the Gurudwara Sahab for the wedding. Sandy’s mother is worried as Emily is a foreigner and she doesn’t know how one should behave in the Gurudwara. But Emily walks straight and then she bows down before Shri Guru Granth Sahib and there everyone is surprised to see how well she knows the value and conduct in Gurudwara Sahab. This scene of Isha really steals the show.

2. When Emily's impressed everyone

Right from the day Sandy arrives, everyone wants to have a glimpse of their vilayti bhabhi. Even Nawab tried to earn extra money out of the scenario by selling tickets to have a glimpse of Emily. But after several failed attempts, Emily’s moohdikhai happened after the Anand Karaj. Everyone is just in awe of Emily and then the jealous Sarpanchini asks Emily to say something in Punjabi. Beeji Gulab Kaur intervenes and says that how can she speak in Punjabi? But Emily gives a jaw-dropping reply to everyone as she chants Gurbani’s Pheli Paudi da path and that moment is one of the best moments from the show.

3. When Emily goes missing

Sandy shares his dream of opening an English grooming class in the village with Emily and he further asks Emily to be the mentor. Emily is shocked because even though she’s willing to teach the villagers, she is not a professional tutor. She’s actually a florist. The villagers have already paid the admission fees and are just waiting for their vilayti teacher. But Emily is in no mood to teach them and she wants Sandy to conduct the class. The next day, Emily goes missing, Sandy, Nirmal, Gulab Kaur — everyone looks for her, but she is nowhere to be found. The villagers also come thinking that Sandy has conned them. So they beat up Nawab and warn him to refund the money. A few moments later, Emily arrives and she says that since she wasn’t feeling good, she went to Gurudwara Sahab for some peace of mind. When she looks at Nawab and finds out what happened, she decides to take the class.

4. When Emily learns Punjabi

Emily’s coaching class is going on in full swing. Everyone is learning the basics and language very quickly but even the tutor Emily is learning something. Emily wants to learn and ace Punjabi just to become a pakki Punjaban. One of her pupils, Fauji Chacha, is helping Emily learn the language and she is learning the basic alphabets of Punjabi. Sandy caught her while learning the language but Emily tries to keep it under wraps. The way she pronounces the alphabets and her dedication will just win you over.

5. Emily's phobia for colours

Emily is sweet, generous and caring but she is afraid of colours. During Holi, when Sandy comes to his bedroom, Emily shouts as Sandy is holding a bucket and colours for Holi. Emily instantly says that she is afraid of such colours and she will not play Holi. Sandy tries to explain that their family and the whole village is expecting them, especially Emily, to play Holi. But Emily remains adamant on her decision. On the day of Holi, Sandy quietly sneaks into the room and applies pink colour on Emily’s checks. With the pink colour, Emily’s face looks prettier and that’s how her phobia of colours ends. Emily then steps out to take the blessings of her family and plays Holi with everyone.

So these were the moments where our bhabhi took away a part of our heart. Ek hi taan dil hai…kinni waari jeetoge.

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