5 Moments From Prashant Damle Starrer Bho Bho That Every Dog Lover Will Relate To

If you love those furry little beings, these scenes from the film will hit right home. Check out inside!

Rukmini Chopra

May 30, 2019


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Bho Bho starring Prashant Damle and Subodh Bhave is a unique murder mystery that tells the story of a woman Smita who is murdered and her Labrador Sandy, is suspected for the crime. Yes, believe it or not, in a bizarre turn of events, it is the dog that is named as the culprit! Detective Venkatesh Bhonde (Prashant) decides to investigate the matter and is on a mission to prove that dogs, let alone Sandy, can’t kill until provoked.

Watch the film here.

Aside from being a skilled detective, Venkatesh is also a die-hard dog lover and the same is evident in many scenes. Here are five scenes from the film that you will relate to if you too, love those furry little pooches!

1. Venkatesh feeds his friends 

A Still From Bho Bho Starring Prashant Damle
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The detective has a noble habit of feeding the stray dogs near his house, every chance he gets. Does this seem familiar? Most dog lovers share this interest and we are sure you do too!

2. He visits the animal hospital to check up on dogs 

Venkatesh likes to check up on dogs and even give his insights to doctors, on what they should do. Comment below if you too are similarly involved in the welfare of our beautiful four-legged creatures.

3. Prashant defends dogs with all his might 

Doesn’t it boil your blood when humans tend to blame the dog for their own mistakes? Well if you’re a true dog lover, we bet you’ve had fights with your friends and family over how the dog is right and they are wrong. Guilty? So is Prashant in a scene from the film where he talks about how every dog behaves a certain way due to a significant reason. Hence, he/she cannot be blamed without proof.

4. Venkatesh meets Sandy 

There’s a scene in the film where Venkatesh meets Sandy and is so excited seeing the adorable Labrador. He greets the dog with immense warmth. You too can relate to this can you? There’s nothing like petting a friendly dog, right?

5. Venkatesh knocks sense in an ignorant man 

A Still From Bho Bho
Source: Facebook

Most people tend to believe that a human life is more precious than that of an animal. There’s a scene where Venkatesh finds that a stray dog that he often feeds isn’t to be seen anywhere and is devastated when he learns that the dog has been run over. He asks the informer on whether an ambulance was called by someone to which the man says that there was no need as it was a dog and not a human. To this, Venkatesh says, “Do you think a dog doesn’t have emotions?”

Which of these moments from the film do you find the most relatable? Tell us in the comments section below!

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