5 Men’s Jackets To Level Up Your Fashion Game Like Vijay Deverakonda In Taxiwaala

Sneha Bale

June 5, 2019


1 min

1. Biker jackets

The 2018 Telugu film, Taxiwaala, starring the handsome hunk Vijay Deverakonda is hilarious, thought-provoking and beautiful. Vijay, too, is a treat to watch as usual. Unlike his other films, he isn’t donning crisp shirts and perfectly ironed trousers. We list down five ways how you can achieve the same coolness as Vijay.

Our hero opts for a rugged look with one constant piece of garment — a biker jacket. It is this worn out jacket that also plays the Cupid in his love story. Who knows, the next time Cupid may strike you! All you need is a good biker jacket. Pair it with your casual jeans and T-shirts or shirts and voila! You’re done.

2. Denim jackets

Classy remains classy, in all times and in all seasons. When it comes to outfits and jackets, the one piece of classy is found in a good old denim jacket. Pair it with all colours and in all seasons, and yet you wouldn’t go wrong once.

3. Track jackets

We all have days when getting out of the bed and taking extra efforts in getting dressed feels physically impossible. On the days like these, a track jacket will come to your rescue. It doesn’t matter what T-shirt or pants you wear, add your track jacket  and watch yourself transform into the coolest boy in the room.

4. Trucker jackets

What’s chicer than the classic 150-year-old trucker jacket? We’ll wait. It allows you to be comfortable and still makes people think you’ve put in an effort. A great way to accessorise boring outfits and your companion on long drivers to the country side and on a cold morning, a trucker jacket will be your best friend.

5. Bomber jackets

On the days when you want to bring back your swell teenage swag, opt for a bomber jacket, also known as the varsity jacket. It’ll instantly make your dull and regular outfit cooler. Available in many textures and colours, you can be sure of saving all your attires.

As you head out in these jackets, we really hope Cupid strikes you too. Until then, check out Allu Arjun in Duvvada Jagannatham on ZEE5.

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