5 Men Barge Into A Jewellery Shop In Bihar’s Darbhanga; Fire Bullets And Steal Ornaments, Cash

A group of men fired bullets inside a jewellery store in Bihar’s Darbhanga region, and ran away with jewellery and cash worth 10 crores.

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December 11, 2020

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In a shocking turn of events, a bunch of armed men looted diamond and gold ornaments worth around Rs 10 crore from a well-known jewellery shop in Bihar’s Darbhanga region, in broad daylight. During the course of the robbery on Wednesday, the gang of robbers also fired more than 20 rounds in the air to generate fear amongst the local people in the vicinity. A person associated with the shop, Pavan Kumar Lath, said that they walked in for 15-minutes and finished off everything. He further said that it happened at 10.35 am in the morning.

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Pavan further said in Hindi, “The police and IG sir had both come. He said that they will look into the matter within two days and get back the stuff that has gone.” A group of people gathered outside the shop. As per another person who entered the shop at 10.30 in the morning, 5-6 men entered the shop, took all the ornaments in their bag and left. More so, the person added that they walked until Gandhi Chauk, fired in the air and then sat into a motor and ran away. The shop was said to be famous in the area and this incident happened to be one of the biggest jewellery thefts that took place in the recent past. They fired more than 30 bullets, but the police in the area seemed to be unaware of the incident and havoc. The police station is located 500 meters away from the area and there’s another administration house which is 200 meters away.

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Talking about the entire incident, SSP Babu Ram said, “5 thieves walked into the shop and took away some cash and jewellery with them. To look into the matter, we are here and we’ve also seen the CC TV footage and from this, we got to see the faces of the people. We’re hoping we’ll catch all of them very soon.” While the CM of Patna, Nitish Kumar, was talking about the law and orders, this incident took place at about a distance of 150kms from Patna. As this news flared up on the internet, netizens opined their views about the same. “A state like Bihar, with 12 crores people cannot be managed efficiently by administration & police. Bigger states in India should be divided into smaller parts for administrative & policing perspective,” read a tweet.

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