5 Maternity Dresses To Wear If You Are Pregnant Like Saajana’s Suman

Manjiri Shete

October 7, 2019


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1. Grey Maternity Dress

Gone were the days when maternity style made us cringe. Currently, with the ever-evolving fashion, the pregnancy style is making waving and stealing the spotlight. We see the moms-to-be (like, Saajana’s Suman) take this opportunity to dress in clothing that is specially curated for this occasion. So, we have made a wardrobe that you would love wearing during pregnancy! Have a look!

When it comes to pregnancy wardrobe, dresses are a huge hit. Their versatility allows them to be by your side during causal and formal occasions while making them famous. Take, for example, you can the above dress in office as well as for brunches.

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Watch an episode Saajana below:

2. Blossoms Peach Maternity Dress

This cute peach gown was created to be an absolute showstopper. The colour makes perfect daytime wear when you going out with your friends and family. You could pair it with a smart pair of flats to give it a nice look!

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3. Black dress

We have always cherished the way LBD (Little Black Dress) can transform your whole look from zero to hero! So, why break up with your dress when you are pregnant? We agree that this look could be pretty daring, so opt for it according to your comfort level.

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4. Cotton Printed Dress

This maxi dress flatters your body shape which will transition through nine months. You could wear a pretty pink colour lipstick which will compliment the hue.

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5. Blue Maxi Dress

What could be better than having a comfortable dress which you can wear on your normal as well as on pregnant days? This attire is totally worth swiping your credit card on!

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Which of the above is your favourite dress? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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