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5 Lessons We Learnt From Expiry Date On How #BuriedSecrets Can Destroy Relationships

Kenneth Carneiro

October 8, 2020

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Expriry Date is an engaging murder mystery but it offers important lessons on relationships that you can learn from.

Expiry Date, starring Tony Luke, Sneha Ullal, Madhu Shalini and Ali Reza, is the latest romantic thriller on ZEE5. The series tells the story of Vishwa (Tony Luke), who accidently kills his wife Disha (Sneha Ullal) after he finds her cheating on him. While trying to cover his tracks and avoid any punishment for the crime, he only gets further into trouble.

Watch the trailer for Expiry Date here.

The series tells the story of married couples who cheat on each other. You can learn from the mistakes they made and have a healthy married life with your partner. Here are 5 marriage tips we learnt from the series.

1. A marriage needs two people to make it work – In Vishwa and Disha’s relationship, Vishwa does everything to make his wife happy and keep their romance alive. Disha, on the other hand, is in love with someone else, even from before they were married.

2. Try to not keep big secrets – Disha hides her affair from her husband. However, when Vishwa finds out about the affair, he hides it instead of confronting her about it. This secrecy makes their relationship toxic which ends up in a heated argument that led to the murder.

3. Have honest conversations – When confronted by tough situations, Vishwa and Disha both resort to violence instead of talking things out. What they should have done is discussed about what to do about their relationship and go their separate ways, if things didn’t work out.

4. Have mutual respect – Infidelity in a relationship shows a lack for respect for your partner’s feelings. With the other married couple from the series, Sunny (Ali Reza) constantly cheats on his wife Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) with multiple women before he met Disha, without caring about her feelings.

5. Try not to kill each other – Arguments are not unique to any marriage or any relationship for that matter. However, violence is never really the answer to resolve issues, least of all killing each other. This seems like an obvious advice but watching how badly things turn out in the series, you will want to make this clear too.

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