5 Lessons We Can Learn From Aishwarya of Sembaruthi

September 8, 2019


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1. A friend in need

Some people evolve with time after getting tried and tested by circumstances in their life. Aishwarya of Sembaruthi is one such character, who has had a jaw-dropping transformation. The Aishwarya of today is way different from the person that she was earlier. Today’s Aishwarya inspires you to be a good human being, who is welcoming, loving, caring and above all, cooperative.

In this web-post, dedicated to the younger daughter-in-law of Adhikadavur Akhilandeshwari, we will highlight the qualities that make Aishwarya, a class apart.

Here we go:

Aishwarya could marry Arun only because of Parvathy. She had also saved her from Akhilandeshwari’s wrath when she had claimed Arun’s share in the business from Adithya. And hence, to return the favour, and thank her for her efforts, Aishwarya embraces Parvathy after knowing that she is Adithya’s duly wedded wife.

2. An obedient daughter/ daughter-in-law

Aishwarya follows Akhilandeshwari’s instructions and lives up to her expectations. Recently, when she offended Akhilandeshwari by asking Adithya to transfer half of the companies to Arun’s name, she apologised for it and even felt sorry about it. She regretted her action by tearing off the transfer documents into pieces and erasing the intention of diving the property from her mind.

3. A caring wife

The only reason Aishwarya wanted Adithya to transfer half of the companies to Arun’s name is because she wanted to see her husband become a more responsible businessman. She got offended after seeing Adithya scolding Arun, and out of the love that she has for him, she ended claiming Arun’s share.

4. A learner

When Aishwarya embraced Parvathy as her co-sister after knowing that she is married to Adithya, she admitted that she is not her old self. Aishwarya believes in learning, and she unlearned her old habits to emerge as a better person.

5. Wise

Aishwarya is wise enough not to get influenced by those who wish to brainwash her against Parvathy. She knows who can be trusted, and chooses her company accordingly.

Take a cue from Aishwarya to make a better version of yourself and keep following Sembaruthi. And for more entertainment, check out Sathya, the love story of a tomboyish girl, on ZEE5.

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