5 Jaw-Dropping Action Scenes From Commando 2 You Need To Watch Before Commando 3 Releases

Vidyut Jammwal and Adah Sharma show off their skills in this thrilling film. Commando 3 premieres on 21 February 2020 on ZEE5.

Rukmini Chopra

February 15, 2020


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Who doesn’t love a thrilling action film right? It’s always fun to leave troubles behind and watch a film that leaves us on the edge of our seats. Commando 2 offers just that, thanks to its brilliant action sequences and special effects. The digital streaming rights of Vidyut Jammwa, Adah Sharma and Gulshan’s movie is owned by ZEE5. The 2XTheThrill movie is set to release on 21 February 2020.

There are 5 that stand out.

1. The beginning scene of the film 

Esha Gupta From Behind The Scenes Of Commando 2
Vidyut Jammwal In A Still From The Film

Half the battle is won if a film manages to capture the audiences’ attention within the first five minutes. Commmando 2 manages this smoothly with an action-packed beginning. We see the lead hero Vidyut Jammwal (Capt. Karan Vir Dogra) tracking down the bad guys where he makes an entry on a boat!

Within minutes he reaches his destination and is seen jumping from one end to the other.

One scene grabs the eye here where Vidyut jumps on top of a man from a higher floor and pins him to the ground. It’s hardcore and you can’t miss it!

2. The boat chase 

Adah Sharma In An Action Scene From Commando 2
Adah Sharma in a still from the film

The film provides a shocking twist when Karan and his team members including Adah Sharma (playing inspector Bhavna Reddy) are chased down by the villains, while travelling by a boat. Here, while Vidyut is seen in his element as usual, it’s the first time Adah displays her smooth action skills.

The actress is seen pulling off some tricky shooting sequences while Vidyut is slamming the bad guys left, right and center. The actor impresses with his expertise in a scene where he is seen kicking a man off the boat.

Vidyut Jammwal In A Boat-Chasing Action Sequence From Commando 2
Vidyut Jammwal in a still from the film

3. The pre-climax scene 

Adah Sharma And Vidyut Jammwal In An Action Scene From Commando 2
Adah Sharma and Vidyut Jammwal in a still from the film

One would expect the climax scene to be the most thrilling one. However here, it’s the pre-climax action scene that proves to be a refreshing twist.

Adah and Vidyut are seen fighting off the baddies as a team and using a chain and a stick to do so. It is a thrilling scene where both the actors finish off each other’s stunts (instead of sentences) and make an interesting action-duo!

Vidyut Jammwal And Adah Sharma In An Action Scene From The Film
Vidyut Jammwal And Adah Sharma in a still from the film

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