5 Interesting Akbar Birbal Stories That You Should Not Miss On ZEE5


May 11, 2020


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5 famous Akbar Birbal stories that you can now stream only on Zee5

Akbar Birbal with its tongue-in-cheek humour, is a much loved classic tale that has been passed down through generations. The stories are not only filled with fun and wit, but also imparts some valuable lessons in a not so preachy manner.

Stories from this timeless classic can be now enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Watch this Kiku Sharda and Vishal Kotian starrer comedy on ZEE5, and make the most of the lockdown. It’s a show the whole family can enjoy together. Here are five of the most popular Akbar Birbal stories.

1. Escaping Forest

In this story, Akbar asks Salim, who is also a king of a princely state, to form an alliance with Porus and merge their armies so that they can defeat Mohd. Gazni. Salim, who is an extremely forgetful and foolish king does the exact opposite and forms an alliance with Mohd Gazni and defeats Porus instead!

On learning about this, Akbar is deeply saddened and he goes hunting to take his mind off things. He goes deeper into the forest, and loses his way. Luckily, Birbal who is taking a shortcut to get to another village, meets Akbar. Akbar asks Birbal if he knows the way out, but Birbal too doesn’t know the way out. Do Akbar and Birbal finally find their way out? Watch the episode to know more.

2. Corruption

Akbar is once extremely impressed with Birbal and asks him to collect his reward from the palace, when he is on his way to the palace, he is stopped by the guards at the gate. In order to let him in, they ask him for ten percent of the reward. On moving further, he is caught by one of Akbar’s ministers who tells him, that if he has bribed the guards he must bribe him as well. When Birbal meets Akbar, he asks Birbal what he wants as a reward. To know about what reward Birbal asks for, watch this episode.

The Theft

There is a thief in the palace and Rani Saheba’s  jewellery has been stolen. Then yet another robbery takes place  in the palace and everyone panics. Akbar raises this issue the next day and all the ministers are perplexed. Its Birbal who then takes a walk around the palace, and gets hold of a box.He announces that he has found the thief, as the thief has forgotten a very important evidence in the box. He promises to announce who the thief is the next day, on the basis of this evidence. Watch how Birbal outsmarts everyone is this episode.

Wish Granting Pandit

A pandit in the village, claims to have the power to grant everyone’s wishes. When a farmer’s hen stops giving eggs,  the pandit asks the farmer for one gold egg with the promise that on doing so, his hen would start laying eggs again. In yet another instance, the farmer wants a son, so the pandit asks for his house in form of dakshina, and says that only then would the farmer and his wife be blessed with a son.

When Birbal hears all these stories, he makes a mental note of the same. Soon the pandit comes to the palace because Rani Saheba wants to perform shradh for daadi. The Pandit asks if there is any unfulfilled wish of daadi? Rani Saheba tells him that dadi loved eating mangoes, the pandit then asks for 10 gold mangoes, to please dadi’s soul! Watch how Birbal tackles the pandit, in this episode.

The Royal Gardener

In this story, a gardener is sentenced to death by Akbar, as he was hurt by a stone while taking a stroll in the garden. When Birbal learns about this, he is not happy. Birbal then tries to come up with a plan, where he tells all the workers and guards to leave their work, if the king doesn’t forgive the gardener. Everyone quits their jobs, and Birbal plants a fake robbery in order to scare the king. Does he manage to scare the king? Watch this episode to know more.

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