5 Intense Scenes From Aatma Bandhana That Will Keep You On The Edge Of Your Seat


May 7, 2020

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Ashok Tries To End Chaitra's Life

Aatma Bandhana is a thriller that stars Master Alaap, Rajini and Baby Shivaani. The story is about Arati and her kids, Chaitra and Chiru. Things turn around when the three of them meet in a road accident and Arati only saves Chaitra and not Chiru. Chiru’s soul, then, returns to vindicate his death against his mother. Here are five scenes from the show, that will send chills down your spine.

Chiru demands Arati to maintain a distance from Chaitra and Ashok. Arati comes into Chaitra’s room only to see Ashok strangling her. Indraprasad, too, is stunned when Veda tells him about Ashok’s attempt to end Chaitra’s life.

Ashok Tries To Kill Priya

One of the most chilling scenes that you must see is when Jamuna takes a glass of milk for Arati and mixes poison in the same. She then asks Matangi to give it to Arati. The real confusion begins when Ashok takes the glass of milk from Matangi and offers it to Priya.

Ashok Goes Missing

When Arati is questioned by Indraprasad, she refuses to answer anything that he asks her as she is guilty. She also feels bad about the fact that Ashok might have to suffer for all her mistakes. What makes this already complicated situation interesting is when Ashok goes missing. Arati wonders if it is because of her that her husband has gone missing.

Ashok's Wedding Preparations

When Arati discovers that Ashok had put up an act of going missing, she is infuriated. When he returns home, she expresses her concern and tells him that he should not have done what he did. However, the real concern starts when we see the budding relationship between Ashok and Arati which is noticed by Jamuna. Worried about his relationship with Priya, Jamuna takes up the responsibility of getting Ashok married to Priya.

Arati's Death

One of the turning points is when Ashok decides to have a conversation with Priya about his expectations from her. Priya, on the other hand, comes to Ashok’s room to confess her love for him while Chaitra is excited about Arati moving into her room. Things turn around when Ashok finds out about Arati’s death the next morning. We also see him devastated after the same.

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