5 Hyper-Casual Games You Can Turn To Whenever You Are Missing PUBG

In the wake of the banning of PUBG among 118 Chinese apps, here are 5 games that can keep you engaged during the lockdown

Kenneth Carneiro

September 3, 2020


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In the wake of a fresh offensive on the Indo-China Border, the government has banned a new set of 118 Chinese apps in India. Included in this list is the highly popular gaming app, PUBG with over 50 million users all over India. If you are one of the many people looking for a new game to keep yourself engaged and entertained during the lockdowm, here are some fun hyper-casual games that will grab your attention.

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Here are games where you can replicate different aspects of playing PUBG.

1. Zombie Splash

Zombie Splash is a fun game where you are in the middle of a zombie invasion. Your goal is to run over and kill as many zombies as you can and save your life. In this game you can also upgrade your car and use different weapons as you reach the higher levels.

2. BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run is a fun adventure game where your mission is to defend the earth from an alien invasion. This game is based on a popular kids show and you get to pick different characters. Fight your way with unique weapons and gadgets in this highly addictive game.

3. Danger Dash

If the thrill of PUBG for you is surviving while everyone is trying to kill you in the game, Danger Dash might just be perfect for you. In this endless running game you have to run from bloodthristy tigers in a dense forest. Your goal is collecting coins and bonuses to stay out of danger.

4. Nitro Street Run 2

Nitro Street Run 2 on ZEE5

Nitro Street Run 2 is a racing game with every fun element of racing included. You get to choose the kid of car you drive in as you go higher up in levels. In this game you get to knock out other cars, escape from cops, and enter boss battles of pure racing with other cars, all at nitro speed.

5. Ludi Bubbles

If you miss shooting bullets at opponents in PUBG, Ludi Bubbles is a shooting game where instead of bullets you will be shooting bubbles. This fun shooting game involves a bubble cannon which you can place at different places around your screen to knock out as many bubbles of the similar colour you find before they make their way from the land to the sea.

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