5 Horror Games To Play If You Enjoy Watching Ratris Khel Chale 2

Manjiri Shete

August 18, 2019


1 min

1. The closet game

Every night, taking a break from the regular family drama, we have Ratris Khel Chale 2 that has stolen our attention. The dramatic tale of Shevanta and Anna has got us hooked on it. If you have loved watching the show just as much as us, here are some games you could try.

(Disclaimer: We do not encourage any of these games. Try it at your own risk)

Before you proceed, watch the show below:

As children, we all have feared the monsters living under our bed or inside our closet. It’s time to relive that moment. Darken the room and enter your closet with a match stick in hand. Then, ask the question, “Show me the light or leave in darkness.” If you hear some whispers, light the match quickly. Step out of the closet door and shut it tightly for the rest of the night.

2. The fortune game

Curious to know your fortune? Then try this game out. Originated from Japan, you have first cover your face and take a clean comb with you. Stand in the middle of crossroads in the dark, run the comb over your teeth loudly. As you do that, say, “Tsuji-ura, Tsuji-ura, grant me a true response” three times. After the thrid time, you will see a stranger approach you. Cover your face and ask them your future. Be warned, don’t force them.

3. Ouija Board

With your friends, sit in a dark room, with an Ouija Board (as shown in the picture) and a candle. Ask the questions that you are curious about as the spirits will come and answer them.  Do this at your own risk.

4. The stuffed doll game

Get a stuffed doll and fill it with rice and your fingernail instead of cotton. Tie the doll with a red thread submerge it in water filled in a tub. At night, fill your mouth with salt water. Around 3 am, look for the doll which may not necessarily be in the bathroom (be warned). Spilt the salt water from your mouth on the doll and burn the doll fully.

5. The Answer Man

You need 10 people for this game. Once you gather your friends, stand in a circle. Then, each of you has to call the person on your left. Since you are calling each other, the number will appear busy. BUT… one of you will get through the ANSWER MAN whom you can ask anything. Here’s the catch: He will then ask you the question in return, however, if he doesn’t like your answer, the consequences will be terrible.

Will you try any of these above games? Let us know your choices in the comments below.

Meanwhile, if you like horror shows, then, check out Ek Ghar Mantarlela streaming free on ZEE5.

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