5 Highlights From Dance Bangla Dance Junior That Will Leave You Floored


May 6, 2020


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1. Pratasha's Rabindra Nritya

As the famous American dancer Martha Graham said, “Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” If this notion resonates with you, you have got to watch Dance Bangla Dance Junior, a Bengali reality show featuring the most talented young dancers across Bengal, who eagerly turn up to dance for the top spot in the competition. Although they are children, they display the finesse of some of the best dancers in the world! We got you a compilation of five striking highlights from the show that will leave you spellbound.

1. Pratasha’s Rabindra Nritya

This dance performance to Tagore’s song, Sedin Dujone, by the young Pratasha and her troupe, will move you deeply. She does justice to the emotion and softness of the song, and dances with the right amount of energy and incredible skill. You are sure to love it!

2. Tamoghno's Infectious Energy

This dance performance by Tamoghno, the little star, will totally make your day with its electric energy! Tamoghno dances to the popular Punjabi song, Tare Gin Gin, sung by Sukhbir, and you will want to get up and dance along with him. He looks incredibly cute too, and will melt your heart!

3. Shrestha's Epic Style

The little girl, Shrestha, dazzles the judges and audience with her top-notch dance performance to the song Rangilo Maro Dholna, as she will you when you watch it! She moves with the grace of a professional, and manages to leave us absolutely enthralled! Her performance is a must-watch, so don’t miss it.

4. Tanishka's Tremendous Talent

Tanishka will steal your heart with her utterly brilliant dance performance of the song Gulaabo by Vishal Dadlani. She may be tiny, but her facial expressions and movements are at par with the best of the best! Tanishka is one of the most superior entertainers on the show, and you will find her a joy to watch on stage.

5. The Amazing Anushka

Prepare to be truly amazed as Anushka dances to the classic Hindi song Lagja Gale. Her confidence and prowess reflects on her performance, as she moves lithely across the stage with sheer grace. Such a song makes everyone more likely to be critical, but she does not shy away from the challenge! Be sure to catch this performance, and you will be glad you did.

Which of these highlights from Dance Bangla Dance Junior is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!

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