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5 Heroes Who Became Murder Suspects In The Shows! #DarkSecrets

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May 1, 2021

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These ZEE5 characters are far from being heroic however, it’s their realistic persona that made us deeply hooked to their stories. Ultimately, their tragic pasts and secrets trapped them as murder suspects.

Over the years, heroes have had typical and unreal characteristics. Whether it is their courageous personality saving the day or their self-sacrificing nature as demigods, they don’t seem so ‘real’. However, the new age of cinema has proved that not all heroes need to be ‘heroic’. Going by this, ZEE5 has been home to many interesting characters with whom the audience can personally relate to. While the flawed characteristics of these personas felt relatable, their reel journey at times inspired us.

Irrespective of that, here we are talking about the heroes who got trapped amidst an unexpected tragedy. These characters are far from being heroic however, it’s their realistic persona that made us deeply hooked to their stories. They can be cowards, devious minded or simpleton but each one of them had a secret story. And this made them suspect of a murder mystery. 

So, here’s taking a look at 5 heroes whose dark secrets turned them into murder suspects.

Kartik From Raat Baaki Hai

Source: ZEE5

In Raat Baaki Hai, Kartik’s character seemed quite unpredictable at the beginning. On the big day of his engagement, his soon-to-be wife Vaani Chopra gets killed. Finding himself in a dilemma, Kartik escapes and is framed as a primary suspect. However, as the investigation begins, new stories come to light setting the mystery in a different direction. But yet again Kartik becomes the major suspect as his past secrets are revealed.

Kartik’s failed relationship with Vasuki gives us an insight into his character. Be it his anger issues or his possessiveness, these flaws frame him as the culprit of the murder. But when the real truth emerges, it is no less than a shocker.

Veer Singh From Nail Polish

Source: ZEE5

If not a psychic criminal, Veer Singh would have definitely been the most impressive investigator. Well, Nail Polish is not that fairytale-type story. And it certainly comes up with unexpected twists which are very close to reality. In the story, Veer Singh is framed for the serial killings of young children. And as the film paces further Veer’s tragic past story comes to the surface making loose ends of the story meet.

And going by the court trial, Veer’s love affair had certainly taken a toll on his mind, making him commit heinous crimes.

Kajal From Crashh

Source: ZEE5

Kajal’s innocent and timid personality made her one of the most-loved characters of Crashh. Amidst reuniting with her lost siblings, she unexpectedly gets involved in an investigation about the killing of her stepmother’s boyfriend. And soon the story traces down the past of her relationship with her stepmother. New secrets and conflicts surface over the plot and ultimately Kajal gets arrested. 

In the second season, the real truth behind this mystery will be explored.

Sara From Love Scandal And Doctors

Source: ZEE5

Being from a middle-class family, Sara was driven by her aspirations to be a leading doctor. She gets enrolled in her medical internship and starts working towards her goal. However, her life turns upside down when a patient gets murdered in the hospital. As the story paces ahead, Kajal’s “drug scandal” comes to light.

And that makes her one of the prime suspects of this murder mystery. But nearing the climax, new revelations come to light diverting the investigation completely.

Ravi Khanna From Silence

Source: ZEE5

In the critically acclaimed Silence, filmmaker Aban Bharucha Deohans weaves an interesting murder mystery. A young girl Pooja is found dead near a trekking spot and ACP Avinash tries to uncover the happenings of this heinous crime. The high-profile victim has connections with Ravi Khanna, a politician. As police investigate further, they discover the strange relationship between Ravi and his wife Kavita, who’s also hospitalized after a small accident.

The problematic relationship between Kavita and Ravi makes the latter emerge as a prime suspect in the case. While ACP Avinash suspects Ravi’s involvement in the murder, the ending brings in a noteworthy twist.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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