5 Heartwarming Scenes From Khari Biscuit Starring Vedashree Khadilkar And Adarsh Kadam

Here’s a list of five emotional scenes from this tale of love, compassion, and ambition directed by Sanjay Jadhav.

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September 8, 2020


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Directed by Sanjay Jadhav, Khari Biscuit is the tale of two siblings who share an incredible bond which takes them places. The film has earned itself a world television premiere by becoming a part of the exclusive range of content available on ZEE5. Before you decide to watch the film, here’s a friendly piece of advice. Do carry a box of tissues as the story of Khari and Biscuit would surely make you emotional. Here are five such emotional scenes from this heartwarming tale of love, compassion, and ambition starring Vedashree Khadilkar and Adarsh Kadam.

Check out the trailer of the film on ZEE5.

1. Biscuit treats Khari like a princess

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The film begins with a scene where Khari and Biscuit are watching kites soar in the air. It is only later that we realise that Khari is visually impaired and so Biscuit does everything possible to treat her like a princess. Although they’re orphaned kids living on the streets, Biscuit keeps Khari away from the harsh realities of life. He gives her the feeling that they’re flying a kite instead of telling her the truth.

2. Biscuit fulfils Khari’s filmy desires

Biscuit can move heaven and earth just to fulfil the dreams of his beloved sister Khari. In one such scene, we see him arranging for a local mimicry artist to enact Shah Rukh Khan for Khari. Since Khari wanted to meet King Khan once, Biscuit made sure that she isn’t disappointed.

3. Khari gets lost

Source: ZEE5

Biscuit loses contact of Khari for a brief while which is enough for the rogue Ketley to seize the chance. He picks Khari up from the street and makes her beg. Meanwhile, Biscuit becomes worried as he can’t find Khari anywhere. He goes on a wild search and that’s when we notice the love Biscuit has for his sister. Trust us when we say this, this scene is pretty intense!

4. Biscuit turns to crime

Khari wishes to watch the Cricket World Cup and cheer for Sachin Tendulkar. Biscuit is led into a series of (mis)adventures to make her wish complete. He even gets involved in several crimes with his friends and lands up in jail. However, Biscuit keeps the spark within him alive and tries his level best to make it possible.

5. Khari and Biscuit’s dream

Source: ZEE5

Watching a World Cup seems a little far-fetched but Biscuit is determined. After getting himself in trouble, Biscuit does something that could take him one step closer to achieving Khari’s dream. He confesses his story before the police and asks them to help him. This scene is enough to make one cry a truckload of tears. You’ll have to watch the film to see if Khari and Biscuit’s dream comes true!

The film releases on September 8 only exclusively on ZEE5. Make sure you don’t miss watching it! Get more such entertaining films with the premium subscription of ZEE5.

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