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5 Haunted Places Like The One In Nigooda Ratri All Horror Fans Would Love To Know About


April 20, 2020

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Fond of horror shows like Nigooda Ratri? Here are tales of the most haunted places in Karnataka that will fascinate you.

Nigooda Ratri, directed by Master Anand, is a Zee Kannada horror show about a family that decides to settle in Kodagu. However, when they move into the house, they all experience a certain uneasiness that they try to make peace with. Over a period of time, they discover that the house is haunted. What forms the crux of this story is the challenges that they face during their time in that house. Speaking of spine-chilling experiences, here are five haunted places in Karnataka that all horror fans would love to know about.

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Victoria Hospital, Bangalore

Well, needless to say, Victoria Hospital is one of the most well-known and oldest hospitals in the city of Bangalore. However, it is also believed that there are a bunch of unnatural figures that are seen on a specific tree near the hospital. It is also believed that the ghost who resides in the tree is not hungry for people but for food as food packets go missing in the hospital very often.

Victoria Hospital

Banyan Tree In Tiptur Area

Banyan trees are said to be a house for evil spirits and ghosts. A banyan tree in the Tiptur area of Karnataka, which once used to be a haunted spot, was cut down by the villagers there. However, if you go there even today, people do experience a certain nip in the air in and around the banyan tree.

Hoskote Route

Considered to be one of the most horrifying places in Karnataka, the Hoskote Route is said to have witnessed several supernatural incidents. There have been many instances like an old lady (a ghost) who asked for help but was refused by an auto driver. When he did so, it is believed that the old lady tried to attack him. The driver was, however, saved because of the presence of holy pictures inside his vehicle. The same old lady supposedly has been met by a number of people.

A still from Nigooda Ratri
A still from Nigooda Ratri

Muroor Road

Kumta Muroor road at Kumta is also considered to be one of the spookiest places in Karnataka and is avoided during night time as there are a several paranormal incidents that take place during that time. People have also seen a particular witch during the night. Along with this, there have been a number of cases where people who traveled during the night and seen the witch, have been sick for many days thereafter.

Haunted Well, Bijapur

Bijapur has supposedly witnessed sixty deaths one after the other. It is said that there is a well that was previously used to kill around 60 women by their husbands. Up until this day, people hear cries and wails from the well, which is believed to be of the spirits of the women who were killed.

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