5 Hard-Hitting Dialogues About Humanity And Society From 8 Thottakkal You Shouldn’t Miss

August 4, 2019


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1. Krishnamurthy Warns Jai

8 Thottakal is a crime thriller which is hard hitting and closely knit. The story, the characterisation and the plot twists, they all serve the purpose of bringing in a unique extract from the lives of Sathya, a character played by Vetri and Krishnamurthy, a role essayed by M S Bhaskar. While Sathya is the hero of the story, Krishnamurthy plays the antagonist.

The filmmakers have woven a wonderful set of dialogues between the characters of the movie. So, here is a list of five hard-hitting dialogues from the movie.

“Most of the people are in the need of money, but they all are afraid of being caught by the police but we do not have that fear and that is what makes us different.”

2. Pandian Confronts Sathya

“What is the use of being such a good person? You could open a shop in front of a temple with your quality of goodness but it is of no use in the police force.”

3. Sathya Confines To Meera

“We do not usually feel like explaining and justifying ourselves to everyone but I felt that you would think of me as a murderer and behave with me accordingly. So, I thought of telling you about this.”

4. Krishnamurthy Speaks With Sathya

“Sir, human life is such, half of our life goes in search of that someone or something comforting.”

5. Pandian's Advice

“Pain and wounds are necessary for humans, as only they have the potential to change humans.”

Which of the above dialogues left an impact on you? Do let us know in the comments below!

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