5 Facts You Must Know If You’re A Coffee Lover Like Amulya Gowda aka Kamali

Check out some interesting facts about coffee that you must know about


October 11, 2020


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Amulya Gowda plays the very innocent Kamali who also puts in tremendous efforts in her game of Kabbadi which is the main purpose of her life. While she has invested her everything into the character, she is also known to be the ultimate fashionista with the most gorgeous hair in town. However, we have also discovered that she is a coffee-lover! Speaking of which, here are some amazingly interesting facts about coffee that every coffee-lover must know about!

Coffee is consumed in such huge quantities around the world that it has become the second largest traded commodity that has managed be surpassed only by crude oil. It is also the most demanded and loved beverage after water which is worth more than $100 billion worldwide.

It is also believed that coffee was discovered by a goat herder in Ethiopia when he saw his goats eating coffee cherries. A change in their behavior was notices as they obtained a high amount of energy that kept them up at night. After the herders made their own drink from coffee beans, they realized how it helped them stay up at night.

Amulya Gowda enjoys her cup of coffee

Did you know that coffee stays warm 20% longer when you add cream? And the word espresso comes from an Italian word that means “expressed”. Espressos are made by forcing very hot water under high pressure through finely ground coffee. This is also the strongest of all coffees.

One of the most interesting fact about coffee is that it is a fruit that grows on a bush. There are two main varieties of beans: green and red.

Another interesting fact about coffee and Beethoven is that he was known to be such an ardent coffee lover that he would accurately count the beans that he wanted before brewing his coffee.

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