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5 Facts About Nikka Zaildar 2 Star Ammy Virk We Bet You Didn’t Know


July 9, 2020

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Do you that Ammy Virk did a Bachelor’s degree just so he could be with his girlfriend? Read on to know more about Nikka Zaildar 2 star Ammy Virk.

Punjabi films got a new definition with the addition of a superstar, Ammy Virk. The Nikka Zaildar 2 actor is a talent that never disappoints. In five years, Ammy has changed Pollywood. The actor-singer-producer-distributor has been a part of several successful films like the Nikka Zaildar series, Angrej (his debut film), Ardaas, Bambukat, Saab Bahadar, Qismat, Muklawa, and many more. So here we are with some unknown and interesting facts about our Saab Bahadar.

Before that, watch a song from Nikka Zaildar 3 here:

1. Ammy Did A B.Sc. Just For His Girlfriend

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Like Nikka, Ammy Virk is also a crazy lover. He did a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology just so he could be with his then-girlfriend. Ammy Virk still doesn’t know what career options he could have pursued with his B.Sc. degree, since he was never in it for the marks.

2. Ammy Never Wanted A Desk Job 

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Before making it big in the singing and acting world, Ammy had decided that he will not do a 9-to-5 mundane job. Ammy used to play cricket and handball, and while growing up, Ammy dreamt of being a singer or representing the country in cricket or any other sports. Coincidently, his Bollywood debut was based on the iconic World Cup of 1983.

3. Ammy Doesn’t Believe In Prep

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Do you believe that the multi-talented artist has not taken any formal training? Ammy Virk is not trained in singing or acting. Ammy says that he never acts, he just does what comes naturally to him. He reacts to situations and never tries to force himself to act a scene. What a natural performer, isn’t it?

4. Ammy And His Love For Clothes 

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We have already shared with you his jacket obsession. Now, let us tell you that he is very particular about his costumes. When Ammy Virk feels comfortable and confident in his clothes, he performs well. On the first day of his debut film Angrej, Ammy claims that he was nervous as he was not feeling comfortable in his costume!

5. Ammy Uploaded His First Song Just For Fun

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Ammy uploaded his debut song, Chandigarh Diyan Kudian, just for fun! He had no idea about YouTube or views or any commercial aspirations. He just spent some Rs 10,000 and uploaded the song. A year later, it was released officially by a music label and went on to become a big chartbuster.

So these were some interesting facts about Ammy Virk. Share your love for Ammy in the comment section below.

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