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5 Essential Packing Tips From Ashika Ranganath For This Holiday Season


December 24, 2019

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Take a cue from your favourite actress to pack in what’s needed for a memorable trip

Ashika Ranganath has been spotted fashionably slaying the streets of Africa as part of her upcoming film Raymo. While shooting for the film, our Raambo 2 actress has been touring the country and how! If you, too are a travel enthusiast, then here are 5 essential packing tips to become a smart traveller like Miss Ranganath. After all, it’s the holiday season. 

List it out:

Make a list of all the important things you would need. Start with the things you need the most followed by the least. For example, if you wear lenses, then its solution must be the first on the list. Go back to your list later and re-check if anything on it can be eliminated. If it’s something you don’t really need for that particular time, then don’t take it.  This will help you to reduce excess baggage and make space for all the knicks and knacks that you actually need. 

Roll them out: 

In order to create more space in your suitcase, roll your clothes while packing. This way, you don’t create a heap in your suitcase and you will be able to fit more things that you need. Rolling clothes also helps in occupying all the little empty spaces in the nooks and corners of your case, thereby creating more space.

Weather, or not:

Whether it’s cold or not, always carry a sweater or a jacket. You might never know how the temperature will turn out to be. Even if your destination is warm, then the airport can turn out to be cold. Always keep a sweater for such emergencies. Speaking of which, doesn’t Ashika look gorgeous even in a simple black jacket and co-ordinated tights? 

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Pack in the essentials first:

It’s important to  pack in your essential documents like your tickets, passport, visa and identification papers first and keep them in your handbag. After all, those will be the first papers that you will have to furnish while travelling to an international destination. Ensure that you follow it up with basic necessities like toothbrush, toothpaste, ear buds, first aid kit, hand sanitiser, wet wipes and a moisturiser. Though most of these are provided in hotel rooms or are easily available at a local chemist wherever you are travelling, it makes sense to have them in case of an emergency. 

Extra baggage:

Don’t forget to carry extra totes and bags for your dirty laundry. If you’re going to be on a long trip as Ashika in Africa, then you surely need a few smaller bags when you’re touring around. And of course, you will need the extra bags to carry back all the stuff that you have shopped too! 

Here’s wishing you a safe and happy trip.

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