5 Difficult Situations That Kamli Ishq Di’s Deshveer Managed To Ace


April 20, 2020


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1. When Veer exposes Mahi

What is a hero or a protagonist? A guy who sets the example of winning over the oddest, most difficult situations. The one who dares to go against the tide to do what’s right, to stand for justice, to solve problems. Kamli Ishq Di‘s Deshveer aka Jashn Kohli is the perfect example of this. This gabru jaawan has proven his worth throughout the Zee Punjabi serial, and here are with his most shining moments.

Veer and Mahi (Shehnaz Saher) are at loggerheads; they are like water and fire. When Mahi cheats in a tournament to beat Veer and his family, Veer finds out the truth. Mahi and her family are celebrating their win when Veer reaches their home and exposes her in front of the family. Mahi is slapped by her mother and her father heavily criticises her for such frivolity.

2. Veer's bravery in fighting terrorists

Veer, Preeto and Mahi get into trouble when they find out that there is a group of terrorists planning to take the lives of innocents. When Veer finds out their real identity and intention, he hides rather than running away and tries to call the cops. The terrorists catch Veer, Preeto and Mahi, but still, Veer is brave enough to face them at gunpoint until the cops arrive at the scene and arrest the gang.

3. Veer's undying passion for the Army

Deshveer dreams of being a soldier in the Indian Army. He has already promised his life to the country, but he is unable to crack the Defence entrance tests. Once he gets selected for the Army, despite having an injured hand, he clears the first two levels of the physical fitness test. But in the third round, he fails. He falls in the middle of the round and thus his dream gets shattered. Veer is angry at this turn of events, but he keeps his dream alive. Veer is a true soldier.

4. Veer's smartness while helping his uncle

Veer knows that his uncle and aunt are in debt and that his salary from his job at the garage or his uncle’s dhaba will not be enough to pay it off. Veer discovers that pinni is something that can be added to attract more customers. He tells his uncle to start serving pinni in the dhaba, which helps them overcome the money issue.

5. When Veer decides to become Lucky's bodyguard

Lucky (Mahekdeep Singh) envies Veer. He also has Veer’s deceased mother’s jewellery. To get his mother’s belongings back, Veer decides to become a bodyguard to Lucky. Everyone criticises him for doing so, but Deshveer wants to save his mother’s memories, and for that, he is not ashamed to protect his enemy. This episode makes you realise that Deshveer is a true family man and can do anything to keep his family happy.

This was the list of the moments where Jashn Kohli registers himself as the Veer. Do let us know which one was your favourite in the comments below.

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