5 Crazy Demands By Muddha Mandaram’s Soundarya’s Crazy Fandom

Sneha Bale

June 18, 2019


1 min

1. Parvathi's hairstyle

The Telugu TV show Muddha Mandaram has been entertaining two whole states and millions of people for almost five years. The actors in Muddha Mandaram have become celebrities in their own right. But the star of the show has to be Thanuja Gowda, who was introduced to us as Parvathi and now is known as Soundarya after the generational leap. We scanned the comments under her Instagram posts and came across five crazy demands her fans have. Check them out.

First things first! Thanuja isn’t the name or face that people recognise. It has been Parvathi, and now Soundarya. Many fans believe that Parvathi’s hairstyle looked better on Thanuja and they really want Soundarya to get the same hairstyle.

2. Tiktok videos

For five days a week and for half-an-hour every day, Thanuja Gowda comes on the television screen. Since she is the central character along with actor Pavan Sae, it is obvious that they share maximum screen time. But that’s not enough for the fans. They have been demanding TikTok videos of the two for a long time now.

3. Attention! Attention! Attention

Recently Thanuja took some time off her busy schedule and went on to be a part of another television show. This, clearly, did not go down well with the Muddha Mandaram fans. Why, you ask? Well, the time and attention that Thanuja gave to Muddha Mandaram, was now being shared by another TV show and another fanbase. Talk about feeling possessive, Thanuja’s army will tell you how.

4. Muddha Mandaram

The popular show has been running successfully for almost five years. With a generational leap in the story and with a new budding love story, the show seems to have a long way to go before it finally concludes. But that’s something that the fans are constantly worried about. They keep telling Thanuja how she must continue doing good work in Muddha Mandaram, time and time again. This is what attachment feels like!

5. Meet and greet

The daily episodes, the webisodes, the special promos and the social media…There is no end to connectivity these days. But like we all crave for personal time and conversation, Thanuja’s fans want the same thing. The number of comments that ask for ‘just one meeting’ are innumerable.

Dear Thanuja, how about you host one meet and greet every once in a while so that the relationship between fans and you becomes stronger than ever?

As we wait for her decision, check out the latest episodes of Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.

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