5 Black And White Pictures Of Sruthi Hariharan That You Must Revisit

Take a look at the most beautiful pictures of Sruthi Hariharan that will light up your day.


August 26, 2020


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Sruthi Hariharan, who appeared in several Kannada films, has won our hearts with not only her acting prowess but also her glamorous outfits that she has been seen in on several occasions. The Beautiful Manasugalu actress surely known for her fashion sense and is extremely photogenic. If you’re feeling the mid-week blues then here are some of the pictures of the actress in black and white that will light up your day every day!

Well, the first one is the most beautiful and a personal favourite of the actress candidly laughing. As she put this up as part of the #womenforwomen challenge, she certainly looks like her powerful happy self who is ready to take on the world.

Source: Instagram

The next picture is what we can call an aesthetically pleasing close up of hers as all we see are her beautiful eyes and the nose ring that she has worn. Well, she certainly has a mysterious but attractive personality that one might not be able to ignore whatsoever!

Source: Instagram

Here is another picture of the actress as she poses before an event. Well, doesn’t she know how to stand tall and look sexy as ever in a saree?

Source: Instagram

Another beautiful picture is of her in a saree and a beautiful blouse. However, all we see is her neatly done hair and the roses in them that completes her look.

Source: Instagram

Finally, here is a picture of Sruthi in all black as it brings out her facial features and must we say, all we see is a beauty!

Source: Instagram

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