5 Best Female Led Revenge Movies Like Upcoming Series Expiry Date

Here are a list of films on ZEE5 where women refused to be victims and decided to take revenge on the men who wronged them.

Kenneth Carneiro

September 23, 2020


Web Series

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The story of women wronged and cheated on and hurt setting out on the path of revenge is always gratifying to watch. Today with more female-driven stories in the public eye these stories are well-accepted and even cheered. The recently released series Churails was about a group of women who start a private detective agency to hold men accountable for their crimes which are ignored by society. In the upcoming series Expiry Date, Madhu Shalini plays the role of a woman who finds her husband cheating on her and refuses to remain a victim to his infidelity.

Watch a teaser for the upcoming series here.

Here are 5 films where women took revenge on men who deserved a strong message.

Watch the revenge thriller series Poison streaming now on ZEE5 before you catch the second season releasing on 16 October 2020.


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