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5 Benefits Of Rock Climbing Inspired By Putra Actor Diganth Manchale


July 29, 2020

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Here are some of the benefits if you start rock climbing like our chocolate boy Diganth.

As we all know, Diganth has been doing a lot of rock climbing along with wife Aindrita Ray during this lockdown! While nature can help maintain mental peace, here are some of the other benefits why rock climbing is a great activity to pursue during this lockdown.

Full-Body Workout

Rock-climbing helps the core of your body to become super strong without straining the back or neck. The arms, shoulders and back get toned over time without even having to go to the gym and your legs will be stronger in much greater ranges of movement.


As rock climbing requires spotting the right rock and holding onto the rock that is already there until you do find the right one.  One will hold on longer and tighter which also helps in increasing stamina.

Burns Calories

Rock climbing is considered one of the easiest and fun ways to not only get toned and be fit but also burn all those extra calories as it is an all-rounder workout of the body. An average man can burn up to around 900 calories while an average woman can burn around 700 calories per hour.

Diganth (Source_ Instagram)
Diganth (Source_ Instagram)

Improved flexibility

If you’re not flexible when you start out climbing, that is perfectly alright. In a couple of months of consistent rock climbing, you will see your legs and hands becoming more and more flexible also leading to you to be less tired. Combining an often practice of yoga can also compliment rock climbing really will help and in improving your flexibility.

Mental Strength

Rock climbing requires problem-solving skills. Navigating routes and spotting the right rocks demands the climber to judge their individual abilities. Furthermore, rock climbing requires hand-eye coordination necessary so that the climber can judge what he or she sees and how to reach their goal.

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