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Yaare Nee Mohini: 5 Benefits From Watching A Supernatural Show


September 5, 2020

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Here’s how watching a supernatural/horror show like Yaare Nee Mohini can help you physically and emotionally!

Yaare Nee Mohini is undoubtedly the most gripping of them all. Not only is there a great amount of horror, but there’s a perfect mix of romance, friendship and supernatural activities that make it a perfect blend of entertainment that you might always need. Having said that, here’s how you can benefit from watching a paranormal/horror show like Yaare Nee Mohini!

Helps Cope With Anxiety 

Watching something horrific like Maya trying to kill the family members or scaring people in the house causes a ‘fight or flight’ response that is triggered in our brains. This not only causes an adrenaline rush but also regulates the cortisol in our bodies thus making us feel safe compared to the real-world problems. As a result, anxiety is reduced.

Brain Activity

Researchers have suggested that watching a show or movie like our favourite Yaare Nee Mohini can help the brain in releasing neurotransmitters which help in increased brain activity. This also means that the brain becomes more alert.

Maya comes to Muttu’s house

Stimulates Your DNA

We are usually not prepared to deal with extreme situations or unexpected ones. For example, we see that Maya comes in the house to kill Muttu’s sister and her husband, Neelambari and Shanmugam. Shanmugam wakes up with a jolt only to realise that it was all a dream and no one had been killed. A situation as such urges us to act which happens usually as we watch something such as this.

Reduces Stress 

If you are someone who stresses a lot, watching supernatural shows can help in throwing out that stress as you can expect the unexpected and be ready to be at the edge of your seat at all times.

Burns Calories 

A fun fact is that watching 90 minutes of Maya and her attacks can actually help in burning as much as 113 calories. This is the same amount of calories burnt during a 30-minute walk.

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