5 Awesome Ideas For Keeping Kids Busy Over The Diwali Holidays #BringBackBachFun

This children’s day, make sure your kids are having fun by engaging them in these creative activities with ZEE5

Isha Khatu

November 17, 2020


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Children’s day is right around the corner and this time the kids will not be able to celebrate it with their friends at school. They have spent more than 7 months at home now and must have been bored attending those daily school video lectures. So here are some ways to keep the children busy and involved in fun activities this Children’s Day-

1. DIY artwork

Source: ZEE5

You can make your kids be innovative and productive at the same time. DIY artwork is the best activity to engage your children in. The Art Room is an art show available on ZEE5 that has varied DIY art ideas. Children can make artistic objects like gift bucket, balloon flower vase, ice cream stick animals and a lot more. By this, you will make sure that they’re not just being productive but are also having fun at the same time.

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2. ZEE5 games

This year ZEE5 not only came up with children’s content to watch but also collaborated with Gameloft and created some free fun games for children. BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run is an adventure game where you can play different characters, as you progress through the game. Another game that they could play is Ludi Bubbles where they have to shoot colourful bubbles. Nitro Street Run 2 is a classic car racing game that the boys would love to play.

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3. Home decor art

Apart from creating cute colourful craft objects, children can also help you make pretty home decor for your house. Children can paint with their fingers to make cute paintings. They can also do different craft projects and make wall hangings.

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4. ZEE5 kids shows

Which kid doesn’t like watching cartoon shows? ZEE5 has a varied number of cartoons that your children will love.  From Chota Bheem to Vir The Robot Boy these cartoon characters will not fail to entertain your children. Slightly older kids can watch the legendary tales of Robin HoodChristopher Columbus and Cinderella.  ZEE5 also has cartoon shows in various languages like English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla, and Bhojpuri, for the chosen video.

5. Fun science shows 

ZEE5 not only has cartoon shows but also streams some fun science shows. These shows will not only entertain your children but also add value to their scientific knowledge. The kids can have fun by trying various fun activities shown in shows like Science With Brain Café, Engineer this! and Teenovation.

Source: ZEE5

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