5 Artists From Comedy Khiladigalu Season 3 That All Aspiring Comedians Can Seek Tips From


April 16, 2020

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Danappa in his form

Comedy Khiladigalu Season 3 did come to an end this year and we can’t wait for the next! The contestants of Comedy Khiladigalu deserve a separate shout out for the kind of talent that they have portrayed. While we will absolutely miss our laughter-filled weekends, here are the 5 top contestants from the show that all aspiring comedians can seek tips from.

Danappa, in his sexy costumes, has always managed to make us laugh. While his dance moves are killer, his comic timing cannot be matched up to. His most outstanding performance has been the act wherein he pretended to be part of an award show and even won himself the ‘Best Performance Award.’ Well, if that award was legitimate, he surely deserved it!

Divya Anchan

Divya Anchan gives it her best

Divya Anchan has been the most active in the Season 3 for Comedy Khiladigalu. From being someone’s girlfriend to being the house help, she has nailed every performance and character. In the skit where a boy hits on a girl who is his neighbour, she has played the ‘girl next door’ in a way that no one can forget.


Deepika looking like a beauty yet again

Talking about hosting guests at home, we sometimes fail to get their names right. And the first question we’re usually asked by them to guess who they are. This was depicted through a fun and intriguing performance delivered by Deepika. We cannot imagine anyone else pulling off this chaotic act the way she did. She is, indeed, the chaos queen!


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Santosh, known for his joker act in the semi-finals, has performed exceedingly well as a murderer. In this act, two men were seen trying to kill one another. It was entertaining and thought-provoking at the same time. This one surely sticks with the viewers.


Source: ZEE5

Rakesh is another performer who has played the role of a betrayed lover more than once. He always managed to strike the perfect balance between being romantic and comical. His story about the boy who sacrificed his love for his wife, who is in love with her ex was unique and captivating we must say!

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