5 Appealing Outfits Of Kiccha In The Villain That He Pulled Off Exceptionally Well

Parinika Uchil

April 12, 2019


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The Krishna Version Of Ram

Source: ZEE5

Many of his fans know him by the name Kiccha and he seldom does films in which he isn’t the hero. However, one such exception was his recent release, The Villain. Directed by Prem, the film also stars Namma Shivanna (Aka Raamappa). While the story plays out smoothly, if you watched the film you must have noticed the outfits that Sudeep was made to wear, especially in the songs. One thing is for sure, no other actor in the industry can pull off such costumes with so much ease and still look ravishingly handsome. That’s why Kiccha is my favourite!

The Warrior Side Please

A Still Of Kiccha Sudeep In The Film

Kiccha was spotted wearing another baggy costume that made him look like a warrior. With a bow and arrow, Ram’s look is complete. But on a serious note, see how handsome this man looks! #drool

The Shepherd

Kiccha Looks Classy Dressed As A Shephrd

In the get up of a simple village man, Kiccha looks so so so handsome!! The bandana tied to his head, his hand accessories and the adorable way that he carries himself is just mind-blowing. Just looking at him gives me romantic feels.

Ram’s Wedding Attire

Ram In His Wedding Outfit With Amy Jackson Aka Sita

Dressed in a white panche and shirt, Ram was all set to marry his Sita, except for that fateful twist! Unlike his shepherd look, Kiccha’s look was cleaner in this scene. Watch the movie to look out for the twist!

Namma Kiccha As International Don

Meet Ram Aka The International Don

While this look was slightly disappointing in terms of the wig Namma Kiccha was made to wear, but look at this actor’s prowess. He carried off the wig with no qualms whatsoever! What a down-to-earth human being. Furthermore, his short hair suited his persona as the don even more, but well what can we say, Kiccha is our superstar either way, right?

Which whacky outfit did you love on Kiccha Sudeep? Quickly type in your thoughts in the space provided below.

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