5 Amazing Performances From The Show Dance Bangla Dance Junior That You Just Cannot Miss


May 5, 2020


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1. Ritika's Grace

If you’re looking for a little pick-me-up to boost your spirit after an afternoon lull, there’s nothing better than a session of the reality show Dance Bangla Dance Junior to help you. Watching kids who are not even in their teens take the stage and create nothing short of a storm will leave you in awe, and ready to break into a dance yourself! Here are five performances from the show that you need to catch up with. Enjoy!

1. Ritika’s Grace

Little Ritika fascinates an enormous audience, including judges Srabanti and Ankush, with her fabulous dance performance. She makes quite an impressive spectacle in a bright orange and pink skirt that she twirls with nimble grace on stage, while entertaining everyone with her talent.

2. Rupsha's Innocence

Rupsha performs a dance-drama of sorts to a fusion song which includes parts from a song from the classic Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne soundtrack, and looks extremely sweet and innocent through it! She is quite the professional too, and accepts compliments from the judges with endearing humility which is very cute. Her performance is a must-watch!

3. Pratiti's Dramatics

The very young Pratiti dances heartrendingly to the popular Hindi song Dil Hai Chhota Sa, dressed in a fetching green and white school uniform! Her mother also dances with her in the song, and the two make an excellent duo on stage. Watching them dance is like watching a scene from a movie unfold, and judge Srabanti fittingly lauds her expressions and posture. Catch her performance here!

4. Soham's Style

Little Soham shines no less than a true hero in his wonderfully entertaining dance performance. He moves with the agility and panache of a star, and we love his swag! The judges commend his confidence and presence on stage and you would be missing out terribly if you missed his epic performance, so watch it now!

5. Pratyasha And Shrestha's Duet

The talented Pratyasha and Shrestha perform together in this dance, and their smooth coordination and team work on stage are mindblowing! The actor Govinda, who is one of the judges, is amazed by their performance and encourages them to keep it up. We loved their beautiful dance too and want to see more of them. You will too, when you watch them for the first time ever!

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