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5 Adorable Moments Between Abhijit And Ajoba In Aggabai Sunbai That Cannot Be Missed!

Tanvi Rumale

April 28, 2021

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A look at the best and most wholesome moments between Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijit and Ajoba.

Aggabai Sunbai’s Abhijit and Ajoba might not be as young as Shubham, but sometimes it is easy to forget that they are old! They are not only fit and good-looking, but they are also humorous and playful. They always bring the much needed comic relief in the show and are often the ones who bring the family together. Ajoba calls Abhijit “Chappal Chor” and Abhijit too very coyly always responds with a “Kay re Dattya?” While they are always arguing in a playful manner, everyone adores them and doesn’t take them seriously at all.

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Take a look at Abhijit and Ajoba’s top 5 cutest moments here!

When Ajoba called Abhijit lazy and useless

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At the beginning of the show when we saw Abhijit enter the house with groceries in hand, Ajoba made fun of him and told him that Abhijit is using his retirement as an “excuse” to not work while he handles the house and makes Asawari work. Abhijit, instead of getting angry at Ajoba for saying this instead readily accepts it in a very nonchalant manner. In fact, he corrects Ajoba and says that he is actually living in his wife’s house proudly! We see Ajoba and Abhijit comparing their ancestral heritage and it’s just funny to watch when even Shubhra doesn’t take them seriously!

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When Ajoba wears a pink t-shirt at the breakfast table

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One day, Ajoba, who is only seen in Kurtis, wears a pink t-shirt and sits at the table to have his breakfast. Abhijit is very amused that Ajoba is wearing his t-shirt and does not miss that chance to call Ajoba the real “chor.” Of course, Ajoba easily denies that this t-shirt is Abhijit’s. Later, he refuses to give Abhijit mangoes and when he drops some mango pulp on himself, he finally says he doesn’t care since it’s actually Abhijit’s t-shirt! Everyone has a good laugh at this!

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When Abhijit teases Ajoba

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We know that Leena Aajji is Ajoba’s friend since childhood. She visits the house because she enjoys the love and joy there and Ajoba’s company. It seems like Ajoba likes Leena Aajji a little more than in a friendly way and Abhijit and Shubham both notice this! Shubham calls Leena Aajji, Ajoba’s girlfriend and Abhijit too does not miss an opportunity to mention Leena’s name and adds it in songs as well!

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When they call each other “Mhatara”

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Abhijit is sipping juice and resting in the living room when Ajoba shows up and demands that he get juice as well. Abhijit tells him that he is a mhatara who does not require juice. Ajoba gets annoyed at being called old again and snatches the remote from Abhijit. He says that it is his house so he will decide what to watch. But in the end, both of them end up getting hooked to the TV screen while sitting next to each other!

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One time Abhijit praises Ajoba in his own manner

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When Ajoba wants to meet Leena Aajji, he dresses up in dark blue jogger pants, a mustard yellow t-shirt and running shoes as well. He looks very handsome and dashing. Abhijit is quite shocked and calls Asawari. He tells her to bring the ambulance right away as Ajoba is going to steal many hearts of women if he goes out like this! So adorable right?

Which is your favourite moment between Abhijit and Ajoba?

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