4 Times We Lost Our Hearts To The Gorgeous Outfits Rakul Preet Wore In Spyder

Sneha Bale

June 14, 2019


1 min

1. The perfect white dress that we dream of

The 2017 crime thriller, Spyder, has been a delightful surprise in ways more than one. Yes, its gripping storytelling is impressive. But girls, didn’t you cry (maybe a little, maybe just internally) when you saw Rakul Preet Singh dressed in the most casual yet beautiful outfits ever? Because, same! Let’s take a look at the four outfits Rakul dons in the song Ciciliya Ciciliya and makes us go ‘WANT!!’

Let’s start with what we often consider to be basics. A white floral print dress. In the song, Rakul wears one and pairs it with peach sneakers She completes her look with a messy side braid. Now, let’s be honest, we’ve all dreamed of looking this beautiful this effortlessly. How about you bag this one?

2. The days when we want 'something stylish yet something casual'

Let’s get real. We all have days when the idea of waking up and getting into tight pants is as good as a nightmare. That’s when a small voice in our heads keeps repeating, ‘something stylish yet something casual.’ This peacock green and blue dress that Rakul is seen wearing is what we want on days like that. It’s smart, cute, casual, formal and comfortable, all at once. Hey, we found a dress almost like Rakul’s!

3. The dress that is good for all occasions

College lectures, evening hangouts, easy dinners, family gatherings or any other occasion. You just name it and this sky blue dress, with colourful embroidery on it, qualifies for every occasion. The best part is, all you have to do is wear it and let your natural beauty shine through. Oh! Of course, you can happily ditch the heels and opt for sneakers like Rakul, here. Need we say more!  This dress comes close, doesn’t it?

4. The one dress that we just can't seem to find

From birthdays to clubbing nights, we want that one dress that shines through them all. Yes, we spend the whole of our lives in search of that one perfect and good ol’ sequinned dress. Rakul clearly was a lot ahead in the race. If this pink sequinned dress is not what perfection is, we’re really not sure what is! Find something as cool as this, here.

Love Rakul and her effortless style in Spyder? Make sure you check her other films out on ZEE5.

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