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4 times Sangeet stood up for Jamuna and proved himself to be worthy of her in Jamuna Dhaki


October 13, 2020

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Who doesn’t want a man like Sangeet in their lives!

In the latest Zee Bangla serial Jamuna Dhaki, the lead character Jamuna (played by Sweta Bhattacharya), is a brave woman who has chosen to be a dhaki (drummer). Playing the grand dhak (drum) at festivals is a career dominated by men. This is because the nature of the work is physically exhausting, and because of the weight and size of the instrument. However, Jamuna pulls this off with ease while also dealing with several people who frown upon her choice! Jamuna would play the dhak at Sangeet’s (played by Rubel Das) house when he first met her and fell in love with her. Since them he has proven himself to be worthy of her by standing up for her against her critics, several times!

Watch an episode from Jamuna Dhaki below:

1. Sangeet fights for his right to marry Jamuna

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Despite Mr Ray, Sangeet’s father, disapproving of Jamuna constantly, Sangeet sticks to his guns and fights for the woman he loves! Mr Ray had wanted his son to marry a woman called Arya and was pushing him to do so, but Sangeet’s love was stronger.

2. A source of support and encouragement

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

When Jamuna got seriously injured but had to honour her commitment and play at a festival, everyone saw her and didn’t think she would able to do it in her condition. However, Sangeet kept rooting for her and cheered her on and encouraged her to do exactly as she had set out to.

3. Against the snide neighbours

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

At an event hosted by Sangeet’s family, some of the guests scoff at Jamuna and don’t believe that Sangeet has married a drummer. What’s more, they also refuse to accept the fact that she is an ace drummer, and have to hear it to believe it. Sangeet defends Jamuna’s honour and speaks for her throughout the incident.

4. To his parents

Jamuna Dhaki
Source: ZEE5

Sangeet’s parents took a long time to accept Jamuna, and in fact, still have quite a way to go in doing so. Sangeet does not let this affect his and Jamuna’s relationship at all. He sticks up for her no matter what.

Which of these instances did you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!

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